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Genesis of the Murky Girl- "A human-fly on her nose"

Avant was sitting at the comfortable couch of her home, peeping out of the window, lost in thoughts. The memory bank of the last dream was pestering her. On the fly, a human fly took a fly-break on Avant's pointed nose. The human-fly, at the first instant appeared to be a regular house-fly. So, Avant shooed it off, slapping her nose with her palm, resuming back to root cause analysis of the dream. The neglected fly flew towards to the window to escape the palm-attack. Watching the gaint Avant from window, the fly buzzed, "Avant it's me. Look at me". The human-fly made another attempt to reach out to her, this time determined to draw her attention. But all went in vain.

The doorbell went Ding-Dong, disturbing both Avant and the fly. The human fly applied brakes in a jiffy, while Avant stood up, leaving the crushed couch, to check on the door. Making her way through the furnitures and her iMac table, she rushed to the door. She opened the door and to her surprise found no one around. The morning was foggy, making it difficult to distinguish objects even at a centimeter distance. Avant nodded her head in discontentment and held the knob of the door to shut herself back in house. Door hinged to wall was stuck half way in the process. Avant tried forcing but again the movement of the door wasn't smooth. She looked down to check for the obstacle and there she found a book. "A book!! Wow! But who left it here?", wondered Avant, picking the book. A layer of fog condensed on the book, hindered the title of the book.

Avant closed the door and walked back to the room. Sitting on the couch, she wiped off the fog on the book with her palm. She discovered a "human-fly" stretching its legs on the title of the book, "Murky Girl".

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