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In Prayer

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

So much I sought in toil and prayer.

Beyond the surge of thirst and hunger.

I had no thought you would provide,

Most human needs when I was younger.

I lacked the faith that dawn would bring,

A second chance in stony blindness.

How could I know that you would send,

This miracle of love and Kindness?

Thank you, dear lord, for daily blessings,

The rain filled cloud that nourish birth,

Promising sunrise, abundant harvest.

Born in the bosom of the earth.

Give me a thankful heart to share all,

Your gifts sublime and common place,

And many those passing year presence,

Your living image on my face.

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1 Comment

Anil Mothe
Anil Mothe
Mar 21, 2018

All miseries ends with beginnings of

The forces of love,

The prayeres of peace

makes the planet keep spinning

So lets raise the bar and our cups to the stars

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