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The eyes in ice

The eyes in the Ice
When was the last time, you had goosebumps? Does it really happens, when you hear a ghost story or you happen to witness any supernatural around. I am not sure, if you would really pull up your socks after living this story of "EYES IN THE ICE".

This incident dates back to 19th century, when ice was an expensive commodity. Only the rich could afford ice. There were no refrigerators and no cooling machines to freeze water. The frozen lakes and ponds were shattered and fragmented into blocks for transportation. Then these blocks were loaded either on trains or on ships for dispatching them all the way across the world, which at times took months too. The prevention of the ice melting was done by insulating it with sawdust lining. It was considered to be an excellent insulator during those days.

The Ravens were the ice cutters living in Boston during the 19th century. The prime occupation of the family was ice-cutting and supplying the ice to the far fields. The Raven family just had two small girls to a busy father, who could barely watch his angels grow. The mother died, the day the twins took their first breath in the outside world. A care-taker named Marie, used to flock around the girls. From their morning yawns to their pandiculation in the hours of darkness, Marie was the only proctor, their only guardian. Mr. Raven often used to travel across the west for business purpose. Solitary confinement won't be the appropriate word to use here. The girls were in an abandonment confinement.

The two girls used to sing prayers every night on their slumber to bed. Every night they prayed to see their mother, who can sing them a lullaby. The girls grew up with the walks of time and started stepping out of the house. The home was their school and their garden was their playground. Mr Raven ensured that he curtails the strangers from meeting his angels. That's why most of his business was settled at his office which was a mile far from the house. Every time they met their father, they would request him to take them to their mother. Mr Raven, couldn't really make them understand that it's impossible to bring back their dead mother.

The maiden Marie, often suggested Mr. Raven on getting married once again and bring a new mother for the children. But the fear of not being accepted by the girls, refrained him from getting married once again.

It was finally a time for celebration, the girls were turning 10. Mr. Raven cancelled all his meetings and decided to spend the day with the girls. He brought all the beautiful gifts and cakes for his darlings. The mansion was decorated and what a girl could wish for was at their disposal. But still the girls weren't happy. On this birthday, they wanted their mother back and so no gifts pleased them. Mr. Raven was very disheartened to see his girls crestfallen. And he finally decided to get married to someone, who can be the true mother to the girls.

That evening, the party commenced with a huge cake cutting ceremony. All the distinguished guests were invited in that glowing evening. The whole Boston city was immersed in celebrations. "What a night it is, enchanting and embezzling!", a lady dressed in black gown interrupted Mr. Raven in his conversation with his business partners. The moment Mr. Raven turned his eyes, an excruciating but doting smile swept him off his feet. The lady in black was too pretty to resist. Her sea green eyes and luscious lips could drive anyone crazy. Mr. Raven enquired, "Excuse me Miss, Are you new in the town? Never seen such baffling beauty ever before. I beg your pardon, if I am offending you with my words". The lady smiled and rushed close to him for-holding his glass of wine. Her red lips were sufficient enough to shy away the most beautiful rose of the town. Mr. Raven was head over heels in love with the lady and he wanted to marry her at any cost.

That night the party was over and Mr. Raven had no clue as if where the lady disappeared. He sent out guards to enquire of her, but to his dismay no body seemed to have even noticed a lady of the described appearance. Days passed by and then the months but the search for the damsel was still on. When suddenly late night, he heard the girls playing around with a lady. At the first thought, it appeared to be Marie, but then he realized Marie was out of town as her mother was bed-ridden.

So! who is with the girls, scared with the supposition, he rushed to the attic. And he found the lady he met in the party was singing lullaby to the girls. He was amazed at the sight and was about to utter a word, when the damsel rushed to him like a wind and held her finger pinning his mouth. "The girls are sleeping now, please don't wake them up", she whispered into his ears and held his hand walking him through the aisle. "I know you must be thinking when did I enter the house", she whispered again. "Mr. Raven, I came in to see you, but you were engrossed with your routine business, so I straight away met the girls who were left unattended by Marie. So, I decided to stay with them until she returns back. If you have any objection to it, I shall pack my luggage and leave right now.", She spoke with drooped shoulders and mild tone. Mr. Raven didn't utter a word and hugged the lady saying, "I was searching for you. Where were you? I won't let you go now. Just Marry me and be mine forever".

The un-named lady accepted his proposal and got married to him the very next day. The girls were happy to have a mother and the family rejoiced in excitement. After few weeks, the financial crunch started in the family, some other rivals had joined the same line of business and the chase of loosing the ice-bids was at it's peak. So, Mr. Raven started traveling to other countries to subdue the crunch.

By the time he returned back, the business flourished. But he saw an averted picture altogether. The two girls of his were hanging down the aisle with their eyes removed and the mother who gave birth to them was holding their eyes in her hands. Outraged at this sight, Mr. Raven ran out of the house and didn't turn back. He ran and ran and finally stopped at the pond where the ice were being fragmented. He was panting and bending on her hands resting on his thighs, when he opened his eyes. The eyes of his girls engraved in ice were peeping and craving for help.

Mr. Raven collapsed of heart-attack and his eyes were mysteriously separated from his body.

When the Police reached the crime-scene, they just recovered the body of Mr. Raven without eyes. The bodies of the girls were never recovered till date. The lady again disappeared and nobody ever happened to see her. Seems like the lady was only visible to Ravens.

Was the lady, the mother of the two girls and the first wife of Mr. Raven? If yes, Why didn't Mr. Raven recognize her? If the bodies of the girls were never recovered, Did the lady take the girls with her? Why did no one see the lady ever? Are the extracted eyes of Ravens still buried deep in the frozen pond?

It is said that the witch of the ice was enchanting and was fond of eyes. She used to butcher her target and take off their eyes, embedding them in the ice. Today in the frozen ponds of Boston, you are sure to find some flapping eyes and strolling souls asking you to help them retrieve their eyes from the frozen ice.

Careful! Next time you plan to use ice, watch for the eyes!!!!!!

The eyes are embedded in it.
The frozen pond of Boston

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