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The Law of diminishing interest.

Long time right? I know! This festive season, all of us were so engrossed with preparations first and celebrations later. Amongst the preparatory hassles, In the heat of the moment took out some time to pour in some relatively interesting facts on interests. I liked the butter-scotch ice-cream when I was five, but at 25 I literally hate butterscotch. Is that the apt example of diminishing interest or looks more like the law of change? Confused? Let's take up the relationship itch example to understand more.

The "relationship spark" has a life of just 2-3 years. You never know how long will your relation survive, but you should know that the spark in the relationship dies out in just 2-3 years. Fret not, relationship always comes with a life time "pay for warranty" tag. If you are in the lean period of a dying relationship, you gotta brio-tise it. But before that, How do you identify that your Mr. and Miss charming is no more the only desire? Here are the signs-

1. Little to no holding hands.

2. Not complimenting each other on occasions.

3. Opting sleep over star wars at night usually.

4. You also stop celebrating special occasions with each other.

5. Criticizing each other over small-small things.

6. Spending more time on work rather than paying legitimate attention to each other.

Happens with almost all of us, isn't it? Not only in relations, this law applies to all the living and non-living things you are some-how attached to. But diminishing interest doesn't reflect your actual feeling for both the living and non-living things.

A friend whom you didn't meet for years and was out of touch even in this imperative social media decade, makes you nostalgic in every re-union. True/False? Best Buddy or just a hello-hi friend, revisiting old places refreshens you up like the first morning dew. Your first doll or the first toy bears the atrocities of your ignorance for years. Yet, when you discover it during home shiftings or at the corner of your dusty cupboard, you hold a priceless smile on your face. Every part of your body enters into the inertia of joy from the inertia of regular routine.

Law of diminishing interests is one of the fundamental laws of nature and happens for good. It's good to lose interest in already known things and people, to give space to the new innovations in you. And that's how nature has woven the fabric of every relationship you are in. With every new relation you enter into, a new strand keeps on adding making the fabric of life strong and colorful. The secret but the youthful aspect of diminishing interest is the "expansion of love". The expanding love is disguised by the signs of fading relationship. How? Let's prove that by knocking the above mentioned bullets.

1. Little to no holding hands: That's not the only way of showing that you care or are interested. Think again? You are more prone to get contaminated with bacterias and viruses, by holding hands. Our Indian tradition therefore believes in joining hands in greetings and gestures. So stay loving, but stay healthy. Give them their space with the confidence that not only your hand, every cell of your body is backing them up.

2. Not complimenting each other on occasions: Why to compliment the person you love on occasions only, when the person deserves compliments every second? Think over it. Excluding the sense of listening, you can compliment the person using any sense-full medium. You still got 4 senses, so don't complain I stole one. :P

3. Opting sleep over star wars at night usually: Yes, sleep is important specially when you care. The century in which technology is taking toll on people in terms of work, sleep is the only way to relax. So, cuddle each other and sleep well. Star wars won't go out of fashion if you practice it once or twice in a week. Isn't it?

4. You also stop celebrating special occasions with each other: Birthdays, Anniversaries and Festivals have their own importance. But they are important because of the person who holds such a special place in your life. If, while taking every small and trivial decision of your life, you think about them, everyday is a birthday, an anniversary and a festival. Create memories every day not just on occasions. However, the occasions shouldn't be neglected.

5. Criticizing each other over small-small things: Criticism is the best way of improvement. a great saint once said, keep your critics close. So, criticism is not bad, until it is being triggered even after improvements. Keep criticizing and keep improving for each other.

6. Spending more time on work rather than paying legitimate attention to each other: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Right? But, Do we know what happens to Jack when there is all play and no work? Jack is certainly not going to survive according to Darwin's theory. Work is important and should be given all the importance. Work becomes great when the person related to you enjoys and respects your work equally. It's universal to all that none can work for 24 hours. Spend your leisure hours with your loved ones.

So, start brio-tising instead of prioritizing. It was never about priority. It's about those who make you choose. Your loved ones will never make you choose and will stand with you timelessly. So are the things which make your heart go Sha-La-La-La every time you see them.

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Anil Mothe
Anil Mothe
18. Okt. 2018

 I have read very carefully to the noble baby Vrinda words, who rightly stated that we should not suppress those mentioned things. After all these are not frivolous or derisory claims. 


However, I am afraid to say that laws that are being drafted and being crafted by responsible members for their own benefit.

I will not go into the details at the moment but being a details person I became deeply involved in the rhythmic words and feel that I am somewhat of an expert, albeit I am not a poet or not even a writer when it comes to the words mentioned here, of which I now have a good understanding, and, more to the point, on t…

Gefällt mir
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