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“A boy’s quest for 200 rupees note” Timid, silly but fruitful.

Demonetization in India, turned everything topsy-turvy. The economy tumbled, the enraged people sounded hopeful, while the country was instilled with the democratic change. There was a drift of conflict, but this boy in a small town was counting on the denominations. This isn’t an article on Indian economy nor it has anything to do with our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. It’s about that kid who taught himself a lesson of persistence and perseverance.

Guddu, ignorant of the pain, people were going through in the long ATM queues, was excited to see the new demonization of 100, 200, 500 and 2000. Guddu, let me introduce him. Guddu is a mechanical engineer, 23 years old, completed his college this year, looking for a decent job. A passionate engineer appearing for various competitive examinations. Guddu, though talented lacked perseverance. This could be very well explained by his attitude towards his GATE score in the first attempt. His percentile was 90, quite a descent one in this year’s GATE examination but not competent enough to secure a good stream in any of the IITs’ (Premiere institute of the county). Guddu gave it a second thought saying, “Shall I start preparing once again?”. Apparently, He was a bit hopeful that he can improve upon his scores in the second attempt and get admission in his dream stream.

That night Guddu slept with the determined thought. The very next morning he tweaked on his conviction, deciding to hold on to a job in a descent firm for which he applied few days back. Guddu wasn’t very sure with his exam score. Therefore, he kept on plunging for interviews in other firms. Luckily, he got selected in one of them and that day the offer letter email from a mechanical firm gave him a kick-off. This boy was in an utter state of confusion. His heart said that he can prepare for the exams once again but his mind was infused with the burglary of upcoming opportunity. So, finally Guddu confessed that he is not competent enough to achieve the entail of scores. He packed up his goods and chattels, geared to start the new job.

Wacky by humor, Guddu was an honest boy. “It’s just 2 days left for the new job, I should have some money at hand. The new notes and currency would look more of a dollar”, quoted Guddu excitedly. He reached the nearest ATM for the cash withdrawal. It was a hot sunny afternoon and the long queues at the ATM were now shrinking. It was his turn on the Teller Machine. Guddu entered the withdrawal figure as 600 in the machine, eagerly staring the cash dispenser. “Tadak-Tid-Tat”, the machine sounded post which the cash was suspended out of the machine. Guddu’s eyes turned big and brighter, when he clenched three 200 rupee notes from the dispenser. His happiness knew no bounds. “Yay! New denomination, I am the lucky one to have them”, murmuring Guddu started walking towards home with a smile.

On way Guddu, decided to buy some groceries which mom had asked him to pick days before. Unwilling to give up the new currency note, he was left with no other option. “I need to get medicines, flour and pay the electricity bill”, disappointed Guddu spoke to himself. Saddened boy, settled down the bills and purchased the comestibles, leaving himself with just two 100 rupee notes. “I wanted them so badly, but I had to give them up”, with this thought in mind he started advancing to home.

When suddenly a voice, “Dear lovely boy, could you please assist me with the cash transfer? I didn’t bring my spectacles therefore I am unable to make the transaction”, a lady spoke to him from a distance. Guddu turned back and offered his help willingly to the old lady. On the teller machine, a strict instruction was inscribed that only 100 and 500 denominations are admissible in the teller machine. Poor lady had one 200 rupees note and one 500 rupees note. She has to transfer 700 rupees to her daughter in some other city. Guddu, explained the lady that her 200-rupee note won’t be taken by the machine as per the instruction guide inscribed. The lady requested Guddu, to check for the smaller denomination of 200 in his pocket, if he could help.

A trajectory of Guddu’s lips went parabola, while he emptied his pockets. He secured the 200 rupees note in his pocket and deferred all the other notes in the machine. The old lady couldn’t stop thanking Guddu for his help. While Guddu couldn’t stop thanking destiny for that 200 rupees note, he wanted so badly.

Moral: Concurrent efforts and quest for things you want in life, conspires with the universe to bring it you though in different contours.

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