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Goddess vs Man- A Dawn of Awareness.

The deity's dawn.
She is omnipotent even in 21st Century!

The question which the sage asked brought a charming smile on her face, slithered as, "Are you married? Do you have a family? Why do you toil so hard every day?" The girl giggled and answered, "No, I am not married. No, I don't have a family. I work every day to earn my livelihood". Miraculously enchanted to her sugary voice, the sage lost in the tunnels of silence, stared her all the way to the other bank. "Ahem, Ahem, it's already five minutes past we have reached to the banks of these silent waters. Where are you lost my Lord?" Chuckling at the astonishment of the sage, the beauty extended her hand to the sage, offering help to walk out of the boat. Holding her hand tight, the sage questioned, "Will you marry me?"

The girl smiled and answered, "It will be an honor to serve you, but only on one condition". "Condition? What's that?", questioned the sage. The girl replied, "You won't ever raise your voice or be rude to me on anything. If you ever do so, I shall perish with immediate effect, leaving you forever". The sage nodded his head in agreement and the two got married under the legal banner of the village, witnessed by the Village head.

In the pursuit of happy-go-lucky days, the sage and the village girl spent 6 years of prosperity. Two kids, a boy and girl were the blooming flowers of this divine garden. The sage would rest all day long, play around with kids, eat and sleep in a regular routine. While the girl would work all day long, serving the villagers from one bank to another, cooking food and taking care of the entire house.

Unaware of the happenings around, one day the sage found the mother of the two resting in a cot and asked, "What's wrong, why aren't you cooking for us today?". The lady replied, "I feel extremely sick today, why don't you row the boat today and bring home some food". To which the sage replied, "You dare not say that to me. How could you ask me to row the boat?". With the last word of the sage's reply, the lady vanished, leaving no sign of life.

A dead silence prevailed in the house, the birds stopped chirping, the wind stopped blowing, the clouds went still and the sage woke up from his practical dream. He addressed himself, "I am such a fool, that I forgot, the purpose of my life. I spent my 7 years in obscenity without even knowing, the Goddess married me, lived with me and took care of me like her very own child. And what did I do in return, abused her and screeched her hard work". The sage learnt his lesson in 7 long years, apologizing to the goddess for his inhumane and unforgivable behavior to the goddess.

On the very same day, he took the children to the village head, requesting him to raise them well, while he left the village and walked on the path of infinity.

The sage returned back to Varanasi and practiced hard penance to repent on his deeds. Finally, he attained salvation after practicing vigorous austerity.

This is an epic narration from the sage himself, in his previous birth and is undoubtedly a true story.

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