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Hello, "Intheheatofthemoment" readers. Long time no see. Right? I know but I was busy digging something which needs your attention more than anything. By now you must have already seen some heart throbbing pictures. "Stop acid attack" is the most talked-about campaign in the recent past, usually trying to cover the burns with glamour. Yes, we have to embrace the reality but what would stop this punishable offence which comes under the Indian penal code through Criminal (Amendment) Act, 2013, Section 326 B? Seriously, ban on acid sale? Is that even working? All of us know, it's not working.

How was your experience with the movie "Chapaak", the protagonist Laxmi embodied the Diva, Deepika Padukone, must have been an amazing watching experience. Isn't it? But the pain of those who suffer in reality can't be even captured in a 3-hour movie, not even in their momentary smiles because they weep every day somewhere in the darkest hour of the falling night. Campaigns, Awareness and the Punishments equally failed to deter the acid attack, making no significant dips in the acid attacks.

"We are left with a difficult past and an uncertain future, society curbing us down. Our doors to revival have been unconsciously blocked and there is no turning back", the teary-eyed Dolly quotes while sharing her fight back journey. India stands 6th in most registered of the acid attack cases across the globe. Feeling proud? "When I walk in the green suburbs, girls of my age call me Bhootni(Witch). Do I look that ugly?", asked the smiling Dolly in a conversation.

A meet and a greet are not sufficient to come face to face with the harsh reality of the acid attack survivors. A grand felicitation in one of the empathetic ceremony will also not ring a bell for a problem of this magnitude. But accepting them at our daily workplaces will provoke the masses to look up, take notice and understand the depth of the issue. Dolly, Bala and many others are voicing up their courage as "Sheroes" that is echoing. Let's unite to turn those echoes into amplified rigorous roars. Our eyes are open and it's time to open our heart up to those who are looking forward to restoring their equal footing in the society to celebrate life like never before.

"Even a million-dollar investment, cant redeem our lost recognition which is the reason behind the maximum cases going unregistered", scuffs Bala, an acid attack survivor of Uttar Pradesh. The male ego which survives on patriarchy since trackless centuries just cannot handle rejections. Therefore, they retaliate in the most violent and damaging manner by throwing acid at the woman. Jealousy and revenge are the dirty scoundrels behind the crime. We live in a society where a girl’s physical appearance is premium and destroying her looks has devastating consequences. A lot of things ruins like the prospects of her marriage, employment, relationships, etc. All these suffer an irreversible setback.

Acid attack is mostly faced by women in India, but the acid tragedy doesn't show mercy to men either. A significant share of this pain is with the male fraternity which usually goes unreported. Neighbourhood rivalry or the ire of jilted lover, even the male suffer through this unhealing pain.

Writing blogs, published print media articles and innumerable campaigns, are they enough to stop acid attacks? Coz if they are, post-publishing this draft, there shouldn't be any registered or unregistered case of transforming a body into heaps of bones and masses. Free Acid or Free Medical Treatment? If that is the question asked to you, what would be your answer, coz I am afraid to say that the prey of charred flesh in the near future could be either you or I? The piecemeal, scattered and pale efforts of our governments give the license to the preparators to buy free acid and render free medical treatment to the survivors. What a shame?

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