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Be the change you want to see in the world.

Changes should be inside.
Be the change!

I had 5 sights and 5 observations in consecutive 5 days which compelled me to write about the change. I had been walking down the street from my home to office every morning at 9:00. A lofty population seem to pass-by everyday wishing good morning to each other. Each day is beautiful in its kind. Several people with several traits are visible throughout the morning journey to work.

On one fine morning of the first day of the June month, I saw a mother in a regular conversation with her 15 year old kid. The conversation was all about the focus on studies while the wait for the school bus was on. The instructing and the affectionate mother raised concern on the poor performance of her child in school. Her focus onto the scoldings were less and was more on the messages which were tinkering on her phone. With the elapse of time, her scoldings were communicated in utter pause of Why-don't-you---fffocus--on-studiessssssss------------it's touuuuuugh to--------answer-------youuuur-----fatherrrr--------------------------for. And a dead silence, because the deliberate mother got some really important texts on her phone. Sadly, she hadn't enough time to concentrate on her son and she was expecting him to concentrate on studies. I just smiled and passed them, thinking about this strange demeanor of the mother.

On the next sunny day to work, outside a school gate, which falls right some 1 km behind my workplace, I happened to walk through a teacher who was scolding a child for hitting a girl of his class. His words were, "Don't you know women and girls are meant to be respected. This is the basic lesson of your moral science curriculum". A ripple of joy streamed through my blood, when I acknowledged such an ecstasy of mannerism, where moral science is just read for cracking examinations and not to implement in our daily lives. Unfortunately, the life of my happiness was short, while returning back to home, I found the same teacher hitting his wife in public for talking to some stranger. Alas! the foundation of teaching has been totally eaten up.

The other day was an airy one, the breeze was cold enough to induce romance in every soul. I was happy anticipating that today would be the best of my days. When I came across a doctor on a telephonic conversation. The conversation went on like this, "I shall get you the kidney well on time. I have already convinced the patient that your kidney needs to be removed and he agreed to it. Just save my daughter and treat her of her illness". With wide open eyes and alert ears, I paved my path to the work place patting on my forehead with a piece of cloth and praying for the well being of that kidney patient.

Each day bring in the different shades of people we live with. I thought of walking unaffected whatever may be the case. I decided to walk straight focusing on my business only. I was pretending to be ignoring the neighboring conversations and vigils. My expressions were like I am jubilated being sun-kissed. When a small kid drew my attention. This time I didn't approach the whereabouts, but the kid selling the newspapers did approach me. The 7 year old kid caught hold of my dupatta (an additional cloth to cover up the head and bare chest) speaking, "Please buy the newspaper, I got to feed my toddler sister". I melted down in his innocence and accorded a 10 rupee note with a gentle reminder, "I hope you are not lying to me". He grabbed the money in a jiffy and left the arena. I glanced upon the newspaper and the very first headline was, "Govt. taking measures to reduce on to child labour". The poppy headline of the newspaper jolted me inside and I threw the newspaper in the roadside blue dustbin.

I began from Monday and today was Friday, the last day to work and a two day vacation. That was the subtle joy which couldn't be explained in words. I had planned a vacation for the weekend. I was eagerly waiting for the day and also my new dress which I was supposed to wear on my weekend trip. I visited the shop before reaching the work place. I asked the shop keeper about the dress. He replied, "Madam, the dress is out of stock as of now". I in-furiously shouted, "But you promised it would be ready, I gotta go on vacations and that was the most awaited surprise of the weekend. I don't know, do whatever you want but I want the dress". The shopkeeper with a shrewd smile replied, "Madam, if I get paid some 1500 bucks more, the dress would be at your disposal by the afternoon". My greed for the dress was commanding my mind and I agreed on to paying him 1500 bucks more and he promised to get the dress delivered in next two hours at my work place. A deep breath of sigh and I left the shop with a sense of great relief. When I reached office, my colleagues were indulgent in a serious conversation. I interrupted in between questioning, "What's the matter guys? Has something happened?" One of them replied, one of our colleague sold the company information to the rivals in some 15000 rupees just to get a quick job in the other company. In anguish I uttered, "How could he? It is such a shame.......................". And I paused. Wait! Did I also bribe the shop-keeper to get my favorite dress? Oh! no.

Don't just wonder or watch the changes that happen, make the change happen inside you.

It's not just a mere quotation by Mahatma Gandhi, it's the urge of all those who have been devoting their lives since time immemorial to the change in order to drive that change in the world. And some of the successful souls which still live inside us are Mother Teresa, King Arthur, Abraham Lincoln, the list is long though. Empathy and Compassion are the keys to change and the sooner they unlock your conscious, the better example can be posed to the world.

Try replacing anger and judgement with love and forgiveness in your life, thereby creating and becoming the change. Otherwise we all are like those teenage elephants who run wild destroying their very own surroundings when left alone. However, if some adult elephants are added in the teenage bunch, they turn out to be their role models and the teenage behave disciplined.

Set an example of change and the world will follow your footsteps.

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