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Blank in the Jigsaw of space.

Space is somewhere we find our refuge. Be it for work, for shelter, for open discussions, for exhibition and lot you can think of. Are you looking for a bigger space, where opportunities and imaginations are not bound? A dimension suspended with shining round, oval and peculiar shape stones. A place where sufferings are meaningless. Then there is a place, Guess where?? Well, if we look around the country and around the world, no place falls short of suffering. Isn't it? How about traversing 62 miles straight up reaching the astonishing planet boundary? Welcome to "SPACE". If I talk about the differences in living on the earth and space. You would certainly say, life at planet is better. Because we all know we have sufficient oxygen to survive, delicious food to enjoy and most importantly can walk on our very own feet. While, in space no gravity controls us or to quote it in this way, Space jeopardizes our self control and ego. Precisely and accurately, "In space everyone is equal". No poverty, No violence, No disease, No hatred, No tsunami, nothing which compels us to say, "Cut the crap". Another very fugitive fact about space is it's an apt place for people like us who have devised new formulas to pollute our surroundings. The space makes us realize that we might be the mightiest creation of GOD, but only on our planet and not in the space. Nothing is mightiest and giant like space. Nobody is rich, nobody is poor, for the riches won't have the pockets concealed of gold. Things which appear to be close at space are actually light years miles away.

So, now Do you think, investing some billions in space research is of any worth? We travelled to moon, made excavations on Mars and that forage would never end. But, has humanity really made some advancements in building immunity and spin-offs against natural disasters, starvation and persecution. You might argue, that consequences won't be direct, viz, excavation on Mars would not directly quench the thirst and subside the hunger. However, the scientific research on creating more conducive environment in space might benefit the mankind. How about China, India, US, Europe declaring war in space? Dropping bombs in space would leave to plenty rooms for vanquishing the bitter fate coz the aim won't be as they think of :). One really needs to practice a lot to aim in space. So, we see a lot of virtuous benefits coming up from the space arena. The food to be consumed in space would be of same quality in every mouth. Adulteration and corruption has no space in space. Space has always been a matter of great interest and speculation amongst mankind. It's rightly said, "The grass looks greener on the other side always".

But it's the truth that there are several strands of earth which are unexplored and we should apply all our technical and scientific knowledge in appreciating the earth, the life and the beautiful creations. Space is a mirror, where we see the reflection of our very own self. For the very first time in 1968, when we were swept off the feet with the beauty of planet earth. Since then the debates and discussions on the earth's climate, population and parameters relevant to the ecological balance came into picture.

Seems like investing in space research exploration is absolute but exploration to other planets and heavenly bodies are driving us away from our own beautiful planet in this unlimited void.

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