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Coalful ignition as "Kola" and inspiring tsunami as "Vani". Meet "Vani Kola".

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Vinegar to fresh onions, small or big, Vani Kola is an essence of the start-ups. The energy dancing through the contours of her face, has the power to dazzle the intellectual power plants of Indian Business. A renowned name of venture capital, known to be an innovation blood cells (IBC) of the entrepreneurial blood, Vani is today painted in a word picture of ITHOM.

Vani is a melting pot of values, trust, commitment, passion, future, innovation, opportunity and the list goes on. The curiosity to dig dip into this never ending list, impelled ITHOM to appreciate the beauty of the fine-grains of this soil of success with her vessels of perfection.

Tis thee, Vani, that for Vani, I praise,

Painting the entrepreneur age, with creativity of thy days.

Melting down the exits barrier in the sun's rays,

Leading with courage and confidence, but by gentle ways.

The soil of success and the clay of her substance, when burnt in the kiln of her experience and mentorship, yielded the below vessels of perfection:

# Vani finds innovation sexy when experimented, tested and shared with those who need it the most. Her delightful, trendy and re-thinking persona, saved women from the labyrinth of underthings, explicitly through her vessel of perfection, 'ZIVAME'. ITHOM takes pride in discovering her uncanny but unique quality of bringing delight even in the most unexpected moments.

# Vani is easy on smart brains and harsh on sighing and singing of midnight strains, coz she believes in fabricating stylish, contemporary and aspirational thoughts. This brings into picture her another vessel of perfection, 'URBAN LADDER', through which Vani conveys, it's high time not only to save time but also spaces.

# Vani can be depicted in a Hindu Goddess form as having 4 hands of each of her four hands carrying a various implement which vary in different accounts, but each of these represent the power of one of the entrepreneur Gods and are often the identifying weapon item of a given startup ecosystem. The four hands hold visibility, networking, funding and mentorship. These four hands together crafted the third vessel of perfection, 'YourStory', a global resonance of journey of zeals.

# “To create something truly useful we must create like God did, for others.” True! Isn't it? And Vani is a pragmatic architect of entrepreneur future studding it with the stones of her experience and learnings. She is a glittering, 24 carat pure, "idea-stone", which every entrepreneur of the Silicon Valley adores and celebrates. Her belief that the product and customer experiences can be nurtured by love, led her to another vessel of perfection, 'Blue Stone'. She is a diamond of start-up ecosystem and is successfully polishing rough stones to its final gem proportions.

# The sparks of technology in Vani, always encouraged the go-getters to keep looking back, analyzing the so far gained experiences (good/bad) to mend the broken ways and move forward. Her love of engaging with entrepreneurs, coaching them to ideate to the extreme limits and encouraging them to deliver energizing creations, gave birth to 'CureFit', an innovative vessel for health and fitness. This is how Vani keeps herself passionately engaged.

# In the bosom of Vani, the Indian Startup ecosystem feels safe and protected. Her affection has explicitly brought in vibrant investors, who believe in building great companies. And according to Vani, 'great company are the gateways to global capital flow'. With this provocative vision, Vani sculpted a vessel of perfection, 'Appsdaily', where security and utility walks hand and in hand. She strongly believes, a great entrepreneur is fully loaded with the equipments of Defensibility and innovation economy and thats how Appsdaily work.

Vani is not just a human being, so adorable, but also a guardian soul of Indian start-up ecosystem. Different aspects of her persona can be best explained with the long list of businesses she nurtured. ITHOM tried covering a few, but still has to go long way to explore the unique angelic aspects of "The ThinkFuture Woman"

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