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Under the earth is "Underworld"

Sometimes our imaginations turn real.

A topic like "Underworld" after "Republic Day"feels criminal. Right? But what comes to your mind, when you hear "Underworld"? Dons, guns, violence, kidnaps, murders, gang-rapes, etc, etc. What if I tell you, even if you don't belong to this "Underworld", you might land up into some other "Underworld"? A world, where you enter abandoning all your hopes, which indirectly means, "Welcome to the Hell". Hell is a synonym to "Underworld". Every civilization had their own concepts of underworld. It's also believed that "Underworld" existed even before humanity. In the heat of the moment feels privileged to bring up its best of researches on "Underworld". So hold on and fasten your seat belts, coz we are crossing the psychological, geographical and believable boundaries of "Underworld".

If you believe in heaven, then you have to believe in Underworld. The first and the best poets of the trackless centuries, mentioned the existence of a mythical tree, that connects 9 worlds. We will talk about the 9 worlds in our next article, so hold on to your curiosities about the 9 worlds. This tree is known as "The ash Yggdrasil", the center of the Cosmos. It is believed that the Gods still assemble near the ash tree daily with their assemblies. This tree has branches which grew into heaven, the stem which grew into earth while the three roots grew into the conduit to Underworld. It has been scientifically proved that one of the roots lie somewhere beneath the Himalayas. The tectonic movements have been captured by the scientists and named the Underworld research as "Atlas of Underworld". Refer the image below:


If you follow the black arrow on the upper left globe model 'A', you see the Himalayas are being pointed out. The same is shown in the picture 'C', where the Himalayan ranges are marked. The frequent movement of the tectonic plates making sub-surfaces in the Mantle by the process of Subduction. The other roots are suspected to be in North America and below the Andes Range. It is also predicted that the "Atlas of world" is sure to change in next 10-20 years. There is land in the mantle which is consistently showing complex behavior. Noticeable features will soon be witnessed even on earth. Underworld is for real and the physics of mantle has lot of biology to deal with.

There are approximately 40 different mythologies listed down in the official records, who were firm believers of underworld and its deathly hallows.

To name a few, "Albania Mythology, Aztec Mythology, Buddhist Mythology, Hindu Mythology, Finnish Mythology, Germanic Mythology, Gregorian Mythology, Chinese Mythology, Egyptian Mythology and so on".

The mythological underworld figurines from the listed Mythologies are proofs to the hellish realities. It is said that the gates of hell only open to those souls, who have completed their living journey in the most reckless and unforgivable fashion. But the question is, "On what grounds, those souls are taken to Underworld". Because mistakes sometimes happen unknowingly in a sudden outburst of emotions and sometimes deliberately in total evil senses. Sounds scary! Right? You, me and all must have committed some mistakes. We think nobody is watching, but there is for sure someone who keeps a daily track of our activities.

Human is still deciphering the Geographies of Underworld, but, Is the day not very far when we can transparently see what is going on in Underworld at least before we discover the heaven? Perhaps, if we are soon to discover Underworld, we are in the right age of predictions, the fourth age (Kaliyug). The age of decadence has began and the way we are treating our nature, our people, our birds, our animals around, I seriously doubt, we all shall soon perish in Underworld.

Innocence is an extinct emotion now and so is the Godliness.
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Anil Mothe
Anil Mothe
Jan 29, 2019

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