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Bossy Boss

From stone age to metallic age and from metallic age to silicon age, things have transformed drastically. We say, we are now in the new era of evolution, we are coming up with new mindset and new corsets too. (hahahahah don't you think so?) But have you ever thought one thing that hasn't changed yet............what do you say?? B as in bucks they keep on changing, b as in brush...ah we do change them but not very frequently right!! nasty people. Then comes b as in BOSS,,,Hey what did you say, come again. It's BOSS! Huge, gigantic and literally heavy word. Isn't it???

Well we have whole lot categorization of bosses across the globe but the most contaminated one's are the bossing boss. So, let's see if we are also suffering from the same bossy boss flu:

Dear Boss, the very first time I met you in office,

I realized many have come, but few could walk this.

You interviewed me with all those perplexed questions,

Did anyone ever tell you that you are into egoistic possessions.

You scared me with all your creepy project deadline,

One thing I refrained from was to follow my bloodline.

I am finally on-board and it's my first day in company,

The work load piles and life is no more a Vienna symphony.

Days and months pass by, beckoning me to intense frustation,

My brain knitting all the possible methods of your attitude fixation.

Your handsome face now appears to be a boiled potato,

Eyeing at which impels me to place an order on Zomato.

Dear Boss, I wish peer could tell, you are such a colossal burden,

Your shouts and screechs are obnoxious, I swear, I beg your pardon.

For you I am no less than your personal programmed bot,

Rude demeanor, annoyance and pressure venom is all what you got?

None of this will ever bring you prosperity and recognition,

Connecting the dots, I doubt, how do you even hold this position?

Alas! the vexation of being bullied every day is now at pinnacle,

The rebel inside is mongering and turning into a savage cynical.

The establishment hears the war cry as I reign the battlefield,

Now you can't mask behind, no shelter, no visor and no shield.

Nothing stands for ever, neither the power nor the designation,

Dear boss, at least now stop bossing as this is a period of wise gestation.

Dedicated to all those bossy bosses across the planet -- just give it a thought Does mere rude behavior and incessant criticism/rebukes can make a team work?

One needs to understand the quality of an individual and administer it in the right direction. This would make a great team and happy employees with a content and a distinguished boss.

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