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Convex tummy is the new fashion.

"Don't worry Sir, just 15 days more and your work will be done", a 40 year gentleman exchanging conversations on his cellphone, his right hand engaged holding the phone close to his right ear. While, the left hand was busy, swaying his leather belt up and down tied just below his pot-belly

"Oh! God these kids. Take care of them until I reach home", a 35 year old lady jeering on a video call resting her tons of buttocks on a bench in a park.

A 28 year old man, exchanging kisses on his cellphone, with a big bag belly, struggling to climb the stairs of the mall.

Every sight is a menace and every slight is Guinness. Are we really loving it? Or we have lost at the hands of the junk-factories outnumbering the star-crossed good-foods?

Nobody cares, unless one wants to be a model, super-model, an actor/actress, or a public figure. Rest those sitting in the IT-shops are happy drawing salaries and feeding their beer-bellies. Even the competition gets arduous, when it's between the govt. servants and the private undertakings. Some 10 years back, the big bellies of the govt. servants were the ideograms of stress-free and perky life. But the picture turned upside down in just one decade. The paunches of the private servants sizes extra centimeters to those of the govt. servants. There is no pretext to the over-running stress and cram-full expectations, depriving people of their own time and interests. Obesity is the new fashion running in our veins, through the food we consume, through the sleepless nights and through the careless demeanor.

The innocent future of the world are turning more and more cute day by day. The more chubby the kid, the more cute the kid is. If you notice the plumpness of that cute little kid in your neighborhood, you will notice that it remains confined to the pot belly only. The taste of the kitchens has evaporated into the kiosks of convenience food. "Pennies in return to quick and tasty poison", is the new face of luxury. Irony is we know it, still we fall victim to our laziness and our self-created inabilities.

Paunches are not just confined to the Police-officers or Inspectors but also to the house-wives. The stats of the most developing country, India, speaks that it is now struggling to solve the problem of over-weight and obesity more than undernutrition and anemia. More than 30 million people in India are obese and 15 million are over-weight. When over-weight turns out to be a disaster, we call it Obesity. India has around 30% of Urban population which is expected to increase to 55% by 2050. Out of this, 23% of the population is either over-weight or obese. Not to astonish you but like in every arena, the women population holds the trophy. If it is to be defined mathematically, women are 3% higher in number, when we talk about obesity or over-weight.

The kitchen-makers are now glisten-fakers, who just shine in exorbitant budgets on sedentary lifestyle.

Humiliation touches cloud 9, when people aged between 15-35 finds it difficult to bend and pick their miscarried belongings. Therefore, it's obligatory to celebrate Yoga Day, to spread a breeze of realization that obesity and over-weight can be challenged and a happy-medium is not the only solution.

We have to understand, it's just not ok to be obese or overweight. Those protruding bellies don't add stars to your personalities.

Even the bell-curve falls right in-shape, then why not the bellies? A healthy lifestyle with healthy habits is the only medicine to those hanging bellies. Right diets and exercises have to be on our priority lists. Don't you think it's important to monitor what we are putting in our bodies? Foods high on gluten and un-saturated fats are often tasty to tongue and dangerous to health. We are risking our lives to hypertension, diabetes and heart-diseases every second and this is the gift of life to the upcoming generation.

Careful! Coz next time you embrace your bellies and buttocks with a nearly fitting apparel, if not you, the apparels are sure to be ashamed. Your convex tummies are reasons behind your concave mortality.

Exercise and Diet are the variables to your belly constants.

Watch out, big belly beautiful!

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