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And in the heat of the moment, the bird turned to be a delightful treat to the hungry snake of the woods. Hello, friends, we are back with another legendary story of the month, "Destiny". Hindu Mythology gives a lot of real life examples on our day to day activities. This time it's about D E S T I N Y. Yes, yes, I know you all believe in K A R M A and our previous blogs speak a lot about it. But this time it's new. Sometimes, even if we take the most travelled roads, we seem to end up in a wrong turn. The same happened with a bird in heaven.

All the Gods in the heaven summoned in for a meeting riding their animalified vehicles.Our Indian Gods have these interesting animal vehicles. Goddess Laxmi rides 'an Owl', while Lord Ganesha fly on 'the rat', and the list is long. But here the focus and attention is all on the Lord Vishnu, the preserver, who rides 'the eagle', "Garud". It was a long flight from oceans to the sky and eagle took a breath of relief, when Lord Vishnu finally reached the Summit well on time. Tired eagle hovers around and surprisingly catches sight of a bird sitting on a heavenly tree. "Finally a bird. I feel mesmerized seeing this bird today", quoted 'the eagle', and kept on watching it, hypnotized by its beautiful wings.

Statutory Warning: Eagles do hunt, but this is "Garud", Lord Vishnu's eagle and hence it won't even think of eating the bird.

Dear readers, your guesses were wrong. Getting back to the point again.

Suddenly, 'the buffalo' comes. Not just any wild/domestic buffalo, it's the ride of our "Yamraj", the soul taker. The entire arena fills with fear, thinking, who is breathing it's last. This tired "Garud", the eagle caught a glimpse of "Yamraj", smiling at the little bird in the heaven, to which he was worried. The "Yamraj", glanced the bird and walked inside the heavenly Summit. "Garud", the eagle, scratched its head thinking, "Something is wrong with Yamraj. Why was he staring the bird and smiling?"

In no time, the eagle flew to the bird, clenched it in its paws and flew down to the dark forests of the earth. It then found a huge tree with a safe hole filled with some dried grasses and kept the bird there safe. Happy "Garud", flew back to the heaven and this time it looked more content. Half an hour later, the soul-taker, "Yamraj" walked out of the Summit and glanced at the same place, the bird was resting in heaven. The "Garud", was keenly observing "Yamraj" and was confused on, "Why "Yamraj" is smiling again, even when the bird isn't there?" He curiously intervened "Yamraj" and enquired, "You were smiling, when the bird was here and you are again smiling when the bird is not here. Please explain?"

To which the "Yamraj", smiled again and replied, "For the first time ever, I thought this time God's predictions will go wrong for sure, because a bird sitting in heaven can never die on earth. Initially, I was happy, that this time god's decisions can be challenged. And was smiling again while returning back thinking, Nothing can challenge God's will, not even the distance between the heaven and the earth. Otherwise, who would have thought that, a bird in heaven would fly in a speed greater than the speed of light and land into a dense forest to get eaten by the snake, living in a tree's hole. Somethings are destined to happen and we are just the medium". "Yamraj", laughed again and caught hold of his buffalo to reach the forest and assist the bird's soul to the final gateway.

Poor "Garud", faked a smile to all the dignitary rides of the great Gods and Goddess and got back to it's position.

Do you still don't believe in Destiny? Comment your views.

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