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Do you know? Your good deeds can land you into trouble. How?

The epic funeral oration by Mark Antony in "Julius Ceaser", the famous Act written by William Shakespeare, says that- "The evil that men do lives after them;The good is oft interred with their bones;".

Had Shakespeare, lived in the authorship of Vyaas, another great orator of the century, he would have definitely experienced that- "The good that men do lives after them;The evil is oft interred with their bones". The Sanskrit epic of ancient India, Mahabharata portrays the ugly truths of life in the most thrilling and appealing way. But, the accretion of westernization and technology over 3 lakh verses of Mahabharata, has completely obliterated the goal-centric philosophy of life. Today's topic of discussion is inspired by one of the incidents of Mahabharata, which will help us in un-raveling the deep mysteries of Karma also knows as deeds.

Draupdi, the most elegant woman of the ancient India, was although unique amongst the several other jaw-dropping beauties of the rich India. But carried some unique aboveboard legacy even in the most memorable humiliation of mankind antiquity. Want to know, How?

Here it goes.........

Duryodhan, the only villain of the Indian heritage, who enjoyed the heavenly abode after being blessed by Lord Krishna on his death bed, commanded his brother Dushasan to undress Draupadi in the assembly of hundreds. The shameful act compeled Draupadi to seek Lord Krishna's help. She joined her hands and offered her solemn prayers as the layers of her saree were brutally disrobed. Lord Krishna, the benevolent God, accepted her prayers by extending her saree to infinity. The un-wrapping process led Dusashan to exertion, but the saree didn't seem to get off Draupadi's body. Lord's miracle turned down the relentless efforts of robbing a woman of her dignity to extreme exhaustion. The unrest of the assembly was however settled by the mother of Duryodhan and Dusashan, but the mental unrest of Draupdi didn't settle.

Post recovery of her dignity and rich garments, she met Lord Krishna and asked, "Which deed of mine brought me on the verge of killing the Draupdi inside me? A Kshatriya woman would have almost gone naked infront of hundred eyes and the dignity of my five husbands would have come to nothing". Lord Krishna replied, "Did you walk through your previous births, if you had done any Karma which led you to such consequence?"

Draupdi abruptly spoke, "I time travelled my all previous 7 births and I didn't find any heinous act for which I had to be punished in such a indecent way, and......"

Lord Krishna interrupted her saying, "Did you check the last 8th birth?"

"No, I didn't", Draupdi replied calmly.

"Then, go back and tell me what do you see?", questioned Lord Krishna.

"I am the princess of this beautiful country", Draupdi replied closing her eyes, revisiting her last 8th birth.

Lord Krishna asked, "Tell me more. What else do you see?"

Draupdi replied, "I see a hermit standing in the middle of the lake. I see him taking bath in the holy water".

Lord Krishna supported, "Alright! Then".

"I am there with my other ladies of my court to take bath in the same lake. But, Oh! No, that monkey ran away with the sage's clothes. The sage tried shouting but it was too late for the monkey had eloped with the clothes. The sage looks bewildered and sick. It seems as if, he is suffering from fever and the cold of the water is slowly rising up through the immersed parts of the body. He is shivering. I should help him", narrated Draupdi.

"Go ahead!", replied Lord Krishna.

"I offered my saree to the sage entering the shallow waters. The sage blessed me and thanked me for my noble deed. I am proud, I helped a sage today. The sage wore the saree in his hermit style and took my leave. I am so happy to perform the act of kindness. I narrated the entire event to all the ladies of the court. I am rejoicing in my compassion. I feel blessed. The mouth of word spread fast and now the entire country knows I helped a sage in misfortune", described Draupdi.

Krishna replied, "So, now! What do you expect in return?"

Draupdi replied, "I need nothing".

"But the Karmas if owned, pay back, irrespective of your wishes. You accept that you did a favor and so the universe conspires to pay back the favor. Since the favor wasn't retuned in your last 7 births, the rate of interest on the universe kept on increasing. You helped a sage with a piece of cloth and the universe helped you with an infinite cloth at the hour of humiliation in return. Great! Isn't it?, uttered smiling Krishna.

Draupdi replied, "So, Karma, good or bad should never be owned. Renunciation is the only way to heavenly abode. Renunciate your Karma with the feeling that whatever happened, happened in the gracious presence of Lord. The person should never hold herself/himself responsible for any act- noble/cruel".

It was Draupdi's compassionate but boastful deed which landed her into the troubles of denude.

Therefore, let the universe hold itself responsible for what you do and you will be soon free from the indiscriminate cycle of pain and pleasure to feel the heaven inside you.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 21, 2018

There's a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.

“ If you give a good thing to the world, then over time your karma will be good, and you'll receive good.

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