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Fake Fans or Fake Celebrities?

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Who is to decide that, we all look same right?

You wish to be famous, isn't it? You wish to be a celebrity, isn't it? Have you ever thought famous in which skill or domain? Or is it like just being famous for nothing. Think twice because if you wish to be a celebrity, you got to understand the meaning of the word "Celebrity". Celebrity is someone who gains attention of populace with the mass media intervention resulting into an enliven fame.

India is home to 278 million illiterate people (constituting 37% of the global illiterate people), 74% of Indian population is literate and ?% of Indian population is educated.

No reports or surveys tell, what percentage or figures of people are actually educated? So are you sure, all these celebrities you know, fall under the category of educated ones? And if we presume them to be the educated ones, do we fall under the category of being educated. Please don't take it on hearts because there is certainly a celebrity hidden in every person, it's just that we are utterly consumed by the habit of following and not taking the lead.

Entertainment and Sports are the labyrinths of "Celebriticism". Ancient Greece laid the foundation of celebrities as those who received free food and gift in lieu of their writings and performances dedicated to the valiant fighters. Today in 21st century, the definition has completely changed. So is it like in 21st century mimicry or more precisely acting brings substantial change in the society? If we talk about Biopics, don't you feel the actors/actresses have more traction and followers than those who are the subject of the movie. Precisely, you don't even care what all break-downs the players under-go to win medals for the country. But when you watch an actor/actress stage-crafting the character, your heart melts and you feel the ingress pain behind the success. Still your love and craze grows for the actor/actress and not for the real performer.

A singer who sings on stage with plethora of sound editing and modulations is worthy than the piper who roams around the streets singing and begging for alms. No matter, how good singer he is? I am pretty sure I won't be amnestied for what I have said, but truths are harsh.

So are we appreciating real talents or we are just running after the masked silicon beauties and their prodigious wealth, which actually are the portion of our arduously earned money, spent in the name of entertainment. This is to be understood, dear literate people, the real-celebrity today is a regular "tax-payer", like you and me. The real celebrities are "we" who work day and night to bring change in the society. You don't have to make crazy videos or run naked on the roads to gain attention and get followers. Dismally, if that makes you a celebrity, it's better not to become one.

It is very sad to announce, but more than 50% of the celebrities of our country inclusive of all those who run the country are counted under 278 million illiterate people. Politicians aren't educated enough and the educated ones aren't powerful enough. The prodigies of the nation are today shelter less and hungry, while the charlatans and impostors are engaged in wealth-cloaking. How could such a nation be an educated one, where 70% of the fake fans of the fake celebrities constitute of the literate masses while the rest is polished off by the literate conglomeration?

Trolls and rumors are the new habits of the friends, Indians and countrymen. This is what we lend our ears to. We want to know what that celebrity eats, whom he/she is linked up and what are their future plans?

But we are least interested in earning the blessings of those who are helpless in several aspects of life and are looking for real heroes/heroines around.

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