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Get younger every millisecond on this land.

What? Are you kidding me? No way that is just impossible! How can someone defy the law of nature? Growing young every millisecond. No! Where is that place? I am sure not on earth :/. Must be some alien land, isn't it? I got it, may be some super natural shit. But how did you know? Did you get a chance to visit that place? I don't believe you, unless I see and experience the magic of the place.....................................................

ITHOMians, I am not kidding and this place exists in real. To top up, each one of us gets to visit the place. Astonished? Wanna know What, Why, Where, When and How? Then read further.

20 years old Brumy with his 17 years old brother, Bipsy met their young grandfather after a terrible accident. Fortunately, they met the grandfather right after the accident but couldn't believe their eyes to see the grandfather that young. Bipsy said, "Nanu, you look like a 30 year old man". This young-seeming old man smiled and said, "Come along, I shall show you the place where I live". Excited children hopped on and traveled with grandpa. Walking for a while, the trio entered a place, bright as sun and beautiful as angel. The best of flowers were blooming around, the rarely seen birds chirping and the trees tall as giants dancing with the music of nature. A musical scenery, which only one can imagine, existed in real. People instilled with kindness and principles walking past the trio, greeting them the best of the time with an encapsulated smile. Brumy and Bipsy fall on the feathery grass, staring the magical sky, painting the clouds with the descriptive power of imaginations. From toys to typical pyramids, the kids had their part of fun, while for the grandpa, the playing kids were the food for eyes. He then called for the best of the food for the kids.

Brumy exclaimed, "Grandpa, These are all my favorite dishes, Mom used to cook for me every weekend". "Mom,", both the children synced up and shouted, "We forgot mom. She must be waiting. Grandpa, let's bring her here. The four of us will live happily every after". Grandfather again smiled and said, "Lets tell your mother, how happy you both are here, but of course missing her". Brumy and Bipsy stood up and walked a meter but didn't find grandpa catching up. They turned back and questioned, "Aren't you coming with us?". Grandpa smilingly replied, "We need not to go anywhere. Come back, I have a better way to meet your mother". Curious kids retired back to the original positions, sitting close to the grandpa. "Tell us na. We just cant wait to hear mom", requested Bipsy.

Grandpa replied, "Sure. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your mother and the gates to her will open automatically". The emotionally driven children, closed their eyes murmuring, "Mom,mom,mom". And they found themselves standing close to a lady siting on a chair with closed eyes, chanting some mantras.

Bipsy opened his eyes and thought of a naughty peek-a-boo idea. He shook Brumy to open his eyes and started walking close to the lady saying, "Mom, we are back". The lady turned around and was startled to see two children. Bipsy, stepped back aghasted, standing right next to Brumy with the most fearful innocent face.

"She is not our mom", exclaimed Brumy. The lady replied, "Yes, I am not your mom, but seems like I know your mom". Bipsy cried, "What happened to mommy? Is she ok?" The lady replied, "I hope she is ok. She is just a call away. You two be seated, I am gonna call her in a moment". Brumy and Bipsy discussed, "Why didn't the grandfather come along? Is he angry with mom, that's why he didn't come to visit us all days long?" The lady interrupted the discussion with an Ahem! "Your mother is on way, she may arrive any time in a minute or two". Bipsy had said something in reply, when both the children heard their mother calling, "Brumy, Bimpsy, my kids, Where are you?"

Bimsy, Brumy excited to meet mother after two days, ran to the source of the voice shouting, "Mommy! we are here". Mrs. Grandel stood few centimeters away from her kids, shedding tears, when Bimsy spoke, "Don't cry mom. We are back". Mrs. Grandel couldn't take hold off her sorrow and fell on the floor searching her kids. Bimpsy, went close to mother tried helping her stand back but all in vein.

Brumy shouted, "Mom, why can't we touch you? What's wrong with us?". The mother bursted in sorrow, without uttering a word. While everyone around were the silent witnesses to each other.

This is a true incident of two unfortunate yet fortunate brothers who died on earth but got a place in the 5th layer of the skies (Also known as heaven in layman language). The brothers met with a brutal accident on the Pune-Mumbai highway. The two were escorted by their grandfather to the 5th layer of the skies, after their deaths in a terrible accident. After getting grips off the truth, Bimsy and Brumy explained Mrs. Grandel that the place after death is divided into 7 layers. The first 4 layers are designed for those who have classified their karmas in the categories of wicked, bad, worse and worst. On the contrary, the good Karmas are adjusted in the upper three layers as Good, Better and Best respectively. Each layer is governed by a Governor, who grants the mobility to other layers applying some terms and conditions. The 7th layer is the most beautiful of all. Even the word "beautiful" is the most paltry word to the belle of the Nature's special space.

Its' tried and tested. The fact holds true that "There is a place where age reverses with time". To reach there, make the best of life with good Karmas, else the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th layers are always at your disposal".

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Anil Mothe
Anil Mothe

A little cherishing before I start

when I was small the Christmas trees are tall

And when I became tall the Christmas trees are small

I can think of younger days

When living for my life

Was everything a man could want to do


I was never told about the sorrow.

still these cannot stop the rain from falling down,

cannot stop the sun from shining, What transpires the world go round..

Nice inspiration lines from author. Especially the author words in bold are so effective and I pray the God to make me to obey them for this life. Thank you so much.



Very True.

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