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Goddess Vs Man

Centuries ago, there lived a saint who was in search of a goddess boon. But why a boon? This was the question which almost everyone around him wanted to ask. Good evening ITHOMians, we are back again with another milestone of history which would leave you spellbound. So sit back, relax and decipher the centuries old truth. The name of this great sage will be not disclosed due to privacy issues. In real conversation with this great sage, ITHOM got great insides of his life which will be narrated in other posts. Just one more info on this entire writing series is, this great sage is not alive anymore but promised to return back in another life with the best of living lessons.

It all started back in the days of kingship and atrocities on the common people. This saint was just 5 years old, when his father was brutally murdered. His mother was abducted and made a prostitute in the King's courtyard. This 5 year old kid had no other option but to travel to a place, where he can beg alms. Time played its game and the child managed to travel to the holy city of Lord Shiva, Benaras, currently known as Varanasi. Tossed by the storms of life, the child landed into a sage's hermit. Astonished by their clothes, this inquisitive kid, asked him, "Who are you? Why are you wearing these saffron clothes? What is this prayer you keep on chanting? Why do you pray? The sage smiled and patted the child on his back answering, "You will get to know everything soon". 11 years passed by and the 5 year old kid matured into a stubborn sage, who would meditate day and night in search of Devi. The descending age of the old sage was worrying the 15 year old new sage. The coughing oldie asked, "Whats bothering you kid?". The young sage replied, "What is the way to meet Devi?". "Uggghhhhh......the only way is to meditate to such an extent that the Devi herself appears in-front of your eyes?", replied the coughing old sage. The young sage was determined to talk to Devi. Consistent perseverance and stark meditation, finally led to a day when, Devi (The goddess and wife of Lord Shiva) appeared in flashy lights, right in front of the prayer-centric young sage.

"Wake up my child. I am extremely delighted and overwhelmed by your devotion, so far. I am here to bless you with a boon. Ask, anything. And i will grant it to you". The young sage opened his eyes in wonder and smile. He joined his hand and said, "I have suffered a lot since my childhood. My father was brutally murdered. My mother was abducted. I even don't know, if she is alive. Why did this happen to me? I want an answer to this. Since, you are the mother to all, why did injustice unfurl its magic in your world? Answer me Devi?

Devi could see the pain shimmering in eyes, and replied, "Its all planned son and is based on your deeds. I cannot change anything. Still, if you wish to ask for a boon, I can grant it".

The sage in sheer anger replied rude, "I want no boon from you. I just want you. Marry me and be my wife!". Devi smiled at the dumb wish and replied, "I am already married to Lord Shiva and now I am not entitled to marry any other God or Man. Should you wish to ask for any boon, please go ahead my son". The stubborn sage's abstinence grew wilder and he uttered, "I just want you to marry me right now". To which Devi again replied, "This is impossible my child. If you really wish to marry me, reach to the Shiva's level with your prayers and I will be very happy to marry you. I again repeat, Should you wish to ask for any boon, please go ahead". Angry sage exclaimed, "Fine! You don't marry me, but carry this stoney mountain in your mouth under your teeth, till the time I don't ask you to stop". Devi, bound by the laws of nature had to grant this boon to the sage and so she carried the mountain under her teeth for next 10 days following the sage till the temple of Nepal.

NOTE: That stone is still there in the prestigious temple of Nepal.

With the descend of the stone, the Devi disappeared and this young sage travelled back to Varanasi to tell his Guru, the happenings of the past 10 days. "You made Devi, follow you with a mountain under her teeth. How painful it would have been for her! Why did you do this my son?" questioned the old sage. "She denied to marry me and I wanted her to be punished for the same", replied the young sage.

"What! Are you crazy?", questioned the old sage again. The young sage didn't utter a word and left the hermit for few days, traveling far distance places, when one day he hit upon a small river charm, Maya. Maya was the only boat rower in the small river and used to carry the passengers from one bank to other at some legitimate cost.

The sage was hypnotized by the bewitching beauty of the village girl and started watching her, bringing and dropping the passengers to and forth. The day passed and it was the time for the last trip of the boat. The girl, parked the boat on the banks and asked the sage, "Dear Lord, How may I assist you? May I drop you to the other side of the river?" The sage replied, "I have no money to offer in return of this service you are offering". The girl smiled and replied, "Its fine. It's free for you. You look like a powerful saint and it would be an honor, If I could be of some help to you". Lost in her eyes, the sage was cold blooded and had no words to say. When suddenly, out of curiosity, the sage asked a question.

The story continues in the next post. Keep reading and live the narration.

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