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Horses, What a luck? Humans, What the fuck? Readers, Please don't chuck.

Nothing to describe but to understand
A Dalit on the horse.

And he said,

"Juliet, take me somewhere we can be alone You will be waiting, all that's left to do is to wait. You'll be the princess and I want to be your prince. It's a love story, high-caste people just say yes.

This is a complete pandemonium. Folks! Please don't panic. The prose is neither from Taylor Swift's love story nor it's an infringement of her copyrights. This is the voice of a man, a would be groom, a youth, a lover, an Indian, a son, a friend, a brother and most importantly a Dalit (most downtrodden community of the country). I know all the folks of the IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT ARE homo sapiens only. There is no segregation of upper-class, middle-class and lower-class in this network.

Sanjay and Sheetal of Nizampur Village, western District of Etah are trying to tie knots amidst the hassles of communal wars. Sanjay too has dreams of riding a horse, like any other groom, and bring his bride home as per the Indian wedding traditions. But these upper caste so called "society contractors", are adamant to forbid him from riding a horse. Why? Do you know why? Well! logically, there is no connection between a Dalit, a Horse and a Wedding. Then, why can't Sanjay ride the horse?

One of the reverend upper class grey-haired and senile elder spoke, "No Dalit ever dared to ride a horse and celebrate a new chapter in his life. This defies the rules of the village. We just can't allow Sanjay to ride the horse and that's final.

Sanjay approached the local police station, but they denied help saying this could bring in communal unrest. He didn't loose hope and urged for protection from the Court of Law. However, the Court has ordered the local administration to record his complain and take measures if any felony is recognized.

The horse is luckier than Sanjay today. You know Why? Because, the horse has all the rights to marry it's love in whichever way it feels best. However, A horse won't ride on another horse to bring it's love of life home :P . A horse can witness the marriage of human beings, being it the Brahmins (priestly dictators), the Kshatriyas (you can call them Rajanyas, petty rulers, foolish administrators and show-off warriors), the Vaishyas (namesake artisans, clever merchants, looting tradesmen and ignorant farmers), and Shudras (so called lazy and dirty laboring classes). But a Dalit can't.

Let's congratulate ourselves for supporting this social indiscrimination by just staying mum and hushed as this episode sounds really interesting. Isn't it?

Come on people, you are not just a Brahmin, a Kshatriya, a Vaishya, or a Shudra. We all are equal, the followers of Mankind. Don't behave in a way, that animals turn out to be the most magnificent creation of God.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 08, 2018

There was a famous saying in west -- A "BLACK" can't ride a horse... The above saying was proven wrong by many prestigious people (Like Barack Obama) in west by showing that there is only one caste that is "Humanity". Let's hope the same can be followed by us.

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