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In the Middle of no-where

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Begone is the charm and passion of work

Appreciations and appraisals don't seem like perk.

The charisma in her has dimmed out,

She isn't feeble! wish, she could shout.

The passion to conquer the world has faded,

No! her respect and happiness can't be traded.

Stop! objectifying me as an equity,

She raises her voice up against this in-equity.

She is eager to break the chains of captivity,

And rise above the benchmarks of creativity.

I have a brain more beautiful than my body,

Urges her watery eyes, though her spirts are broody.

I have a heart which seeks for freedom

Crying and whining, she repeats at tandem.

She is longing for freedom to explore her potential,

Dodging the atrocities which are quintessential.

Just for once, I need that recognition, dignity and assurance,

She exhaustively murmured! Enough of this treacherous endurance.

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