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  • Vrinda Singh Chauhan

Jobs that Steve enkindled

On the occasion of Steve Jobs Birthday, here I present a testimony. Inspired by his Biography and his perfectionism.

The people who are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do that -- Apple's think different commercial, 1997.

An innocent destined to be abandoned by Joanne,

Settled in the lap of a high school dropped out handyman.

Worried Joanne relented and got a treaty signed,

That her son's college education won't be undermined.

The neophyte was welcomed by Paul and Clara,

Steve Jobs is a jubilation in a completely new para.

Steve realized that he is abandoned, chosen but special,

The desire for complete control turned his world celestial.

His adoptive father was an impeccable mechanic,

Steve's respect and love for him was turning oceanic.

Cars, cabinets in his daddy's garage didn't fascinate him much,

When one day he yearned for rudimentary electronics in junky sludge.

When the high-jinks involving electronics was in full swing,

It made him realize you could build and understand anything.

He fell in love with 9100A, his first desktop computer,

At fifteen, music, electronics and literature were his boredom troubleshooter.

An impish and never succumbing to authority child

Jobs hidden anteriority and school pranks were wild.

Scoring at high school sophomore level,

Jobs understood faith and religions are at bevel.

Like father, like son Steve too transmuted into high school drop-out,

He and his buddy Wozniak spent time in music and light hangout.

Wozniak, the visionary and Steve, the nimble envisioned Blue boxes.
The duo had no clue that this would invent "Apple" with no outfoxes.

For Jobs patience was never his virtue,

Joined an expensive college, regretted later

"Mom and dad I shouldn't have hurt you".

Freshman year engaged him with spirituality and Zen,

Spending time with Kotte, his girlfriend, was then a big-ben.

An undercurrent of electronic geekiness was still in his soul,

But now meditation, creativity and meeting girls was on the roll.

Eventually calligraphy turned out to be his second fascination,

Technology marrying great designs and romance was the new dilation.

The nexus of counter-culture and technology had a surge,

Apples became an innate of Matrix, neologism and fruitarian diet converge.

The smart choice, Apple, signaled friendliness and simplicity,

But the first garage design didn't appear as a grown-up felicity.

The second apple model proved to be era's great feat of invention,

But advancing further with his solo next machine created distention.

Jobs wanted to make a dent in the universe,

Though he knew the aisle is difficult to traverse.

Over the time, MAC was born,

In 1982, the machine of the year as sworn.

The, now rich and young blood, bloomed with a new venture,

Which took him off his feet with his resignation in picture.

His charisma and vision brought a second coming,

Animation at Pixar and technology at Apple were juxtaposing.

His journey is endless and words can't circumscribe,

But the gene of his obsession is onerous to transcribe.

His passions, perfectionism and artistry is still spreading a mile a minute,

His approach to business and shaping innovation was always off-limit.

He is alive in us with his ferocious revolutionized six industries,

PC, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing and digital activities.

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