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"Karma is meaningless without your indulgence", said the great sage Vashista.

The BramhaRishi in an argument

It's time to spice up your life with a story which even your grandmother had skipped, when you stepped into your adulthood. Mid day of the week and here we learn the most important lesson of our lives in the most mystical and mythological way. Ever heard of Bramharishi? No? Yes? Confused? Well did you just say, "Thank you", for bringing something alien to your plate. ITHOM then proudly says, "Mention not and Tension not". Turn your frantic moments into read-mantic moments, this silly winter with this spiny tale of Bramharishi "Vishamitra" and Bramharishi "Vashista".

The author of Gayatri Mantra and the three Mandalas of RigVeda, the great sage Vishwamitra was once an egoistic sage. On the banks of river Ganga, the king turned sage Vishwamitra practiced meditation and the toughest penance to earn the title of Bramharishi. Vishwamitra used to live on one side of the river Ganga's bank, while another sage named Vishista was the other side dweller. Bramharishi Vashista was hated deeply by sage Vishwamitra. Sage Vishwamitra envied Vashista for his Bramharishi title bestowed by Lord Bramha to him. To earn the same title, Vishwamitra spent years but had to settle with hopes to achieve the title someday.

Burning in the fire of jealously and hatred, sage Vishwamitra killed 1000 sons of Bramharishi Vashista. But Bramharishi Vashista didn't utter a word. Bramharishi's grief-stricken wife was always startled and sad to see Vashista so calm and compassionate even after back to back butchering of their sons. But couldn't utter a word, for Bramharishi Vashista was an infinite ocean of knowledge and compassion. Years passed on in the chase of holding the Bramharishi title, when one fine day sage Vishwamitra crossed the turbulent river Ganga and reached out to Bramharishi for answers. Bramharishi walked out of his hermitage and spoke to the angry sage, "You killed my 1000 sons but I still welcome you in my hermitage like any other visitor". Vishwamitra replied outrageously, "But after Lord Bramha, it's you who can grant me the title of Bramharishi. Why don't you bestow that to me. I have been practicing hard penance since last many years without food and water". Bramharishi smiled and said, "I appreciate all your hard work and sacrifices. But you couldn't sacrifice this one thing all these years". "What's that? Tell me? I will do whatever necessary", spoke anxious Vishwamitra.

There was a long pause in the air. Everything seemed to stop and Vishwamitra was eagerly waiting for the answer. "Ego", replied Vashista. "Break down your ego and I shall happily transfer the title to you", supported Vashista. Vishwamitra broke down into tears and fell on Vashista's feet begging him to forgive the heinous crimes of murdering Vashista's 1000 sons. Vishwamitra realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness, in lieu of which Bramharishi Vashista happily and proudly renamed Vishwamitra as Bramharishi Vishwamitra.

Bramharishi Vashista forgave Vishwamitra not because he was kind and could easily forgive any mistake, but because Vishwamitra was unaware of what he was doing. The gleams of the title blinded him to such an extent that he didn't even hesitate to shed the blood of thousand innocents. It wasn't his indulgence but the ego butchering Vashista's infants. The ego of not being granted the title of Bramharishi. That's why it said, "Good or Bad is just a reference. Indulge in things which you really love to do and they remain with you even after your death. But forget not, every indulgence will bring you some consequences. It can either be good or bad".

The best escape is to say everyday to any power you think which created you, "It was you who made me do whatever I did today" and bear everything with a smile, good or bad in your frame of reference".
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