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Kashmir "Valley of ambivalence"

Where is that heavenly abode? Where is that four distinctive seasonal charm ? Where are the snow-capped mountains and those lovey-dovey houseboats?

There happened to be a tete-a-tete between "Kashmir" and a "globetrotter".

The Globetrotter throws questions in the most jittery way.

The conversation goes on like this.

The great Himalaya and Pir Panjal never ceased to bow,

Oh! Jeweled crown of India, where are you LOST now?

Myriad orchards and lily-laden lakes were always at plough,

Most picturesque state of India, where are you LOST now?

The flair of art, music and poetry was always ready to sow,

The Exotic paradise on earth, where are you LOST now?

At sunset, on shikaras and houseboats lovers exchanged vow,

Nature lover's wonderland, where are you LOST now?

Kashmir regrettably replied:

I still stand stout on the peaks of Himalayas with varying topography,

It's the mortals who are armed with failure and amateur cartography.

Crowning glory of India, I am a paradise regained,

Stone pelters on my land, makes me feel ashamed.

I am a patron of exquisite art and craft, preserving the heritage.

Blasts and weapon proliferations have turned me into savage stage.

My houseboats are fanciful, romantic and whimsical, moored on lakes,

Under children's figure skates, I am going past all of my own mistakes.

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