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Liars are the best creators of un-expected truth

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Truth or Lie
Truth in sheer abundance and Lies are Meaningless.

Lazy Vrinda is back again with some peppy and spicy elements. Hello readers, yet another milestone and revolutionary topic of "In the heat of the moment". We are utilizing this heat, to understand, "What "LIE" is"? Strange isn't it? You all know what lie is. So, let's quickly brush up the meaning of Lie on the fly. The knowledge king "Google" says, Lie is an intentional false statement, untruth, fabrication, deception, invention etc, etc, etc.

But the question is, Why do we get so angry or forget who we are as a person on hearing a lie?

Any Clue? May be because of the trust factor which breaks. May be because of the emotional quotient. May be also because of certain losses you bear in consequence. Yet again, the question is, "Who grants you the power to decide if the spoken statement is "TRUE" or "FALSE"? How important is this, TRUTH and LIE for you? Let's inspect and retrospect as we slip in to the details of these million dollar expressions.


Surprised! Guessing, Who that stupid saint is? To add to your information, the most scared and practical book, "Bhagwat Geeta" also speaks the same language. Bull's eye, this is some real substance. Agree?

Even if you don't, the further elaborations will sweep you off your feet. Let's sneak in this mystery with a fissure of science and logic. Anything we speak or imagine is possible to achieve. True isn't it? If you disagree, my dear friend you have to explore more and keep yourself abreast of all the latest happenings across the Globe. Airplanes, Driverless Cars, Advanced machineries were just a dream back in 90s' and suddenly boom. Every creation of mind started taking shape in reality. Not everyone can create, but yes anyone can imagine and this is what one needs to understand. Whatever we speak and imagine happens, irrespective of it's stupid or cretinous nature of origin. So, if you say Wright Brothers were stupid, you know, how to address yourself. :P.

Streaming back into the falls of lies, our lies are mere statements which have high possibilities of being practiced either in our world or in parallel universe. The finest creation of a super natural power is man, who is bestowed with the power of speaking to the cent possibilities. For us, space is just an empty entity, where nothingness thrives. But practically nothing doesn't exist. How? Think!

If I ask you, "Can you please show me nothing"? What would be your answer?

Yes. In that case your zero is also something.

If it's No, then you have the answer.

ITHOMians wake up to the truth that it's only the truth which exist while lie is just a myth equivalent to that nothing which you can never show or prove.

So, why to waste your precious time fighting, cribbing, abusing, killing, etc. If you know somebody who speaks to you something which differs from your experiences, observations and witnesses, consider it an invention of another truth which might be happening in some other universe with some other person who looks exactly like you in appearance but not in thoughts. Let the imagination fly. Take your stand. Confront the new truth and just let it go. Your silent smile on the un-expected truths is the best remedy to throttling human emotions. Consequently you enjoy the journey of the universe from infinity to singularity and vice versa.

We are travelers of time and this is an unending journey. Every co-passenger we meet has something to play in our life. Give them their chance and treat them in the best of your behaviors, for you will meet them again and again, until one day the entire creation converges into singularity and never looks back. But that one day is million years far and so we are clueless of it's arrival so far.

We consider Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the best of the Super natural creation. But the truth is, there are more brainy and powerful creations. The day we believe in them, they are sure to start appearing in-front of us. Because there is no lie in this creation and there is no scarcity of truth.
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Jul 23, 2019

True Fact!!

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