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Nirbhaya, Jessica, Sheena, Arushi, Naina--One Voice.

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Whole nine yards are explained in these verses

Leaning on an edge,

Searching and scrambling a ledge.

Lonely and stranded on the outskirts,

Dressed and draped with sweat and dirt.

Yet determined to live girl,

Oh! Yeah she was a jive girl.

Shivering and trembling in aversion,

Concurrently desparing these diversions.

Hustling around to admit the heart of pinnacle,

Decoyed with Atlantis and Utopia, turning more cynical.

Yet determined to dive girl,

Oh! Yeah she was a jive girl.

Prolonged pain and agony has to end,

Though she is lone and no one to fend.

Days, hours and minutes are trailing,

Her pulse and beats are gasping and sailing.

Yet determined to strive girl,

Oh! Yeah she was a jive girl

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