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Pros and Cons of a Burnished and Tarnished establishment. Rest is your rant in a Restaurant.

Rest is your rant in a restaurant

Restaurant and life are very similar in rudimentary forms. You can have all the things in your life as well as in a restaurant until you are ready to pay the prices more precisely the bills. When the term Restaurant is propounded, what all delights floats in your gray matter which satiates your mood and taste buds? Uh... Is it sensuous ambience or fanatical Aroma or glare of burnished light or Romantic tarnished environs? Let's analyze which ecstasy drags you to your favorite eating or dining establishments.

The history of lights dates back to 19th century. Ah! Wait, Did you know when the humanity came into existence, the early men used to hide in their caves and enjoy their meals. Though darkness had nothing to do with taste, but their eating whereabouts usually used to be a dim and safe place. Seems like they were bit insecure of their meals and at that time also we had food-stealers :). Jokes apart, the impact of light changed significantly with the strokes of time. So, now let's travel to 19th century. Darkness at eating places during this century was considered to be very unscrupulous and unsavory to food. However, the dice rolled in 20th century, wherein the invention of bulbs turned the game. Inadvertently, the places well lit, were considered as cheap and violent places. A pinch of dimness turned out to be the new vogue of 20th century. Well if you are asked how do you define the relationship between darkness and human responses? What would you relate darkness to? Is it Vice or Wicked intentions? It can be something which you wish to conceal, be it dirt or something which is sticky or moisture laden. Folks now you need to watch out if you are stepping in a restaurant which is poorly lit as it would be an eye opener if you are lucky to see the same destination with bright lights.

Lights which are layered well (especially the tree lights) and are balanced in the way they are lit (neither too dim nor too bright) are sure to attract more patrons (inclusive of all ages). Otherwise next time when you take your granny to the finest dim light restaurant, she will for sure ask you to read out the menu aloud with a headlight or an assistive menu device. Isn't it? It is right that the soft light around actuates a cozy and romance conducive ambience for your loved ones. But the dim light places also can make you feel more depressed and push you back to plunge in your pains and agonies. Must have happened with most of us who hit the pubs and bars specially when they are disappointed with someone or something. The eateries which believes on keeping their customers chair/sofa ridden usually decorate their establishments with soft lights. The ulterior motives are to tantalize your senses with the aroma of tasty treats and frantically impel you to order as much as your pocket allows.

Have you ever noticed that the fast food joints are never dimly lighted ? Any ideas why? This is because such joints wanna show people that their way of preparations are neat and they literally don't want their customers to linger on. Point which is to be noted here is the aroma even at the fast food joints is captivating. And we can also spot love birds at such bright lit places enjoying their meal of love.

What's your choice, a burnished establishment or a tarnished establishment?

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