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RADIO IS In-joy-rious or In-jurious!!!

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

21st Century Radio
Radio in-joy-rious or in-jurious.

"Friends, Romans and Country-men, lend me your ears", Antony a virtuoso orator once said in order to gather people for the funeral of his beloved friend "Julius Ceaser". That was during 100 BC- 44 BC.

As of now, in 21st Century, we have a gigantic number of Antonys', probably for not generally summoning people to stand for a cause but also to befool people for personal benefits. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are living in an era of "gimmickation" and "victimization" and not digitalization. Mind it!!!!!

I know most of you won't agree with me. Right?? After all I am snatching away your entertainment rights. You would say, we live in a democratic country and we have all the rights to listen to whatever we like. Yes! You are right. But, I feel subdued :( whenever I think of audio entertainment in 21st century. According to the latest survey, conducted last year (2017), you will not be surprised to know that we have around 76% of the total population listening to radio. Quite a hefty number. Isn't it? Out of which, 22.5 % listen to Radio while driving and rest others listen them intrinsically on their mobile phones.

The question on to which I want to drive your attention is, "Is the quality of the programs aired on these ornate radio stations, worth listening?". There are plenty of them, Radio City, Radio Mirchi, Red FM, BIG FM, Radio One, Radio Nasha and if I happen to miss out any fancy radio station, please take the trail. There are most renowned and recognized RJs' of the century as well. But don't you think we have forgotten our values somewhere. We have messed up with the ways of reaching people just for TRPs'.

Well if a radio jockey reads out the daily news for you, then you definitely would turn out to be a dedicated listener. Irony, is that we don't have quality news to deliver. All that they have to tell and we have to know is how bright is our Bollywood shining. Be it the death of Sri-Devi or bail of Salman Khan. Marriage of a famous actress or release of a new movie, the entertainment bag is only packed with this stuff. Why do we fail to understand that every life on this earth is precious and every individual is a celebrity?? Why do we fail to celebrate the victory of our friends or mourn the death of a beggar?? We cry while watching a movie, but we fail to behave human while watching a road-side accident. We all are sick.

Raunac and Baua on Red FM are the showstoppers of the infotainment industry. Why? Because they have all the free time on this earth to talk illogical and insane. And backlash to such approach is, people turning abusive. The frustrated man abuses and baua laughs saying "Ganda bol raha hai". While, the people siting back in their most relaxed state enjoy this abusive show business. Is this a new method of experimenting on human behavior in different scenarios? Or that's what we call entertainment. Then I suppose If REBEL entertain themselves by shooting people or chopping them into pieces, that is also right thing to do.

I don't wish to buy a house. I guess almost 60% of the population either can't afford or not in a mood to buy a house. But still we are bound to hear those unwanted builder advertisements on repeat throughout the day. An interesting point to observe here is these futile advertisements are planned before or after the chart-buster songs on infinite repeats. Just to gather as much ears as possible. You will be crestfallen to know that we listen to the same set of 20 songs repeatedly in the span of 24 hours.

Radio used to be a theatre of mind but today Radio is just a theatre of business. Virtually, today all the entertainment stuff which is produced is concentrated in the hands of few media companies. Therefore, the chances of breaking out through this treacherous bubble of fake entertainment is slimmer than ever.

All the ardent music lovers, here is a statutory warning! Radio is not related to the music business. It is all about the radio business today. Earning more and more from the advertisements is the sole purpose, killing the million musical and information seeking souls.

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