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Religion veiled in obscurity to save lives.

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

When bodies are same then why religions are different?

Here people are involved in lynching, there country is at 365 days benching. But there are certain corners in the country, where people are only involved in love drenching. A love for life, Life of human. This episode might not catch your interest or it might not intrigue you, but it needs significant consideration. Most of the trolls and viral buzzes are all about congesting attention to gain popularity, either by spreading nuisance or hatred.

The religious reservations broke all the boundaries, when a Hindu and a Muslim family swapped kidneys to save lives and a Sikh doctor made all this happen. A beautiful example of precedence over sectarian cults, was portrayed in one of the hospitals of India. It's not for the first time that such amalgamation took place, it's just that such pragmatic eventuality is never spread or promoted.

All the loathing was washed out when, both the Hindu and the Muslim husbands were striving to survive on just one kidney with sheer complications, their wives came to their rescue. Sara's antibodies didn't match up with her husbands and the same happened with Pragya. It was then, Dr. P P Singh came to their rescue suggesting the life saving option of kidney swapping. The families agreed in mutual consent in just one meeting. Both the ladies donated their kidney's to the other's husband, opening up an illuminated avenue for all the hatred-mongers.

The five hour surgery was driven by a Sikh doctor, Dr. P P Singh under the care of Christian nurses. This is called real celebration when radical humanity purges away the rational believes. No Diwali, no Holi, no Christmas, no Eid and no Baisakhi can beat the celebrations on love for life and humanity.

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1 Comment

Sunny Dhiman
Sunny Dhiman
Jul 29, 2018

nice articulation of words, in deed. I can smell the mature wordsmith in you. Will send you some literature as ammunition. Take care.

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