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She had to make him happy that native night.

Sirah still remembers it and breaks into dire laughter. A laughter which made me cry relentlessly. Here it goes..................

The chilly December Saturday morning of Delhi wakes up to Sirah's birthday today. Her 20th birthday and she is all alone, desolate in the hostel. She comes from Himachal Pradesh, a land of the most cold-resistant Gods, sitting at the top of the world. But here she has no one to look upto. All her college friends have left for homes already, after all it's weekend.

Sirah loves hostel only when it's prosperous with the giggles and screams of the fellow girls. Today, a dead silence prevails around. A birthday bash calls for propelling Sirah out of her seclusion. Bingo! the phone rings. It's Ma calling.

"Hello! Good morning Ma", wished Sirah.

"Good morning my child. A very happy birthday to you my child. May God bless you. I did all the rituals of this auspicious day. What's your plan for the day? Don't forget to visit the temple", the elated mother uttered.

"Thank you so much Ma. I am all alone here. Still I will visit the temple. But no cakes and no buddies around makes me feel dull", sad Sirah said.

"I know but your mother is here with you. Just do what you feel like doing. Go out shopping. Buy the best of dresses and have the best of food. If friends invite, do accept the invitations. Have fun!", advised mother.

"Alright Ma. Thank you so much again. I shall see what's coming ahead. I will definitely try making my day bright", replied Sirah

The phone got disconnected with a beep and again a hush conquered the surroundings.

"It's disgusting out here. I should sneak out. Let me check who all have texted me and have planned something for me", excited Sirah exclaimed.

"Well, it's Raj, Rohit, Anchal, Aniruddh, Siraj, Sonu,............., hmm quite a long list though. Whom should I call? Whose company I shall enjoy the most?", questioned Sirah.

Suddenly a text message arrived with a beep. It read, "Hi Sirah. A many many happy returns of the day to my princess. How about few surprises at my end exclusively hand picked for you".

"It's Sunny. Umm..... What surprises he is talking about? Sounds exciting but should I drop this idea", confused Sirah was introspecting when suddenly the phone rang and it was Sunny calling.

Sirah skipped a beat and picked the phone in the second ring.

"Hello! Hi Sunny", Sirah said.

"Hi sweety. A very happy birthday. As I texted I have surprises for you. So, lets get out. I am waiting outside your hostel", offered Sunny.

"But, Sunny the fight that day. I mean I think you shouldn't be doing that much for me. I think we are just friends", replied Sirah hesitantly.

"Oh! Sweetheart , fret not. I have forgotten it all. Its your birthday and lets go. Lets enjoy the day and i know you are all alone crashing without plans", consoled Sunny.

Sirah was a benevolent and sassy at the same time. She finally decided to take the offer.

"Allow me sometime, I shall get ready in a jiffy and see you downstairs", replied Sirah.

Not a bad start of the day. God also always have something in store for you. So never loose hope.

Sirah dressed up in red, the best of her dresses. She adored herself in the mirror for continuous 5 minutes before she reached downstairs.

"Woooowoooww, you look beautiful. Come lets go we. We are running behind time", with these closing words, Sunny vroomed the bike.

Both the rider and the pillion rider with their helmets on went on a speedy trail. Sirah with her long hair open and hands in the air was having the best of her time.

"Yoho...... I am flying high. There is no one to stop me", Sirah shouting on the flying ride. "We are ahead of light", jeered Sunny.

The first stop on the halt list was Humayun's Tomb. Sirah was wondering, "Such an antique and vitrified brick place".

"What this place has to do with my birthday", Sirah asked Sunny.

"Why are you spoiling the surprise girl. Just walk with me", Sunny spoke calmly.

He blindfolded Sirah and held her hand, carrying her carefully to the top of the Humayun's architecture.

"Careful! Watch your steps. Just walk slowly", instructed Sunny.

"How would I watch with closed eyes and I am tired of walking. Will you now please tell me, what's going on?", agitated Sirah spoke.

The bandana was removed off her eyes and Sirah was all alone at that weird, bit quite place.

"Sunny, What the hell? Now, Where are you?", scared Sirah shouted. Sirah turned back in fear and found a bouquet of flowers, flowers of all the genus from the red roses to violet lilies. Five minutes later to which she could hear a handful of people singing the birthday song to her praise.

Sirah watching them all and hearing the songs of praise, broke into tears. Sunny ran close to her and hugged her tight.

"Thank you so much Sunny. It's beautiful. I was so alone today. Thanks a lot for doing all this", she spoke sobbing and weeping.

The other friends offered her chocolates and flowers too. She thanked them all with million dollar smiles. The invited friends left the place. Sirah and Sunny too left the place, for the next destination after spending some time adoring the architecture. Meanwhile, the phone kept on ringing at a regular intervals of 20 minutes. Sirah way happy than her imaginations. Picking up every call and thanking people for their good wishes was an entirely joyous experience after the first xenium of the day.

It was already late evening and it the time for dinner was already nearing. Sunny took her to the finest dinning places of Delhi, ordered the best of the cuisines of her choice and closed the dinner ceremony with a petite cake cutting seremony. Sirah blew the candles and the peers around clapped for the birthday girl. Sirah was over-joyed and delighted at the preparations made by Sunny. Somewhere inside she was praising him for bringing her out and muse her with such marvy surprises.

"Now, What next?", asked blushing, smiling Sirah.

"Well! the end of the doesn't put an end on your surprises", replied happy Sunny.

The rolling conversation was interrupted with thunder and rain. Sirah scared of thunder hugged Sunny tight. A stillness propelled around. Both Sunny and Sirah didn't speak or move for a minutes. Sirah, loosened the grip and slowly retired back to her position cutting a sorry face. Sunny didn't speak anything and turned on the ignition. Sirah too pillion-ridded the motobike. For next 20 minutes, none of the two spoke anything. Sunny was expressionless while Sirah was guilty and embarrassed.

The bike suddenly stopped with throttled brakes. Sirah's inertia lost its equilibrium and she fell ahead, leaning on the Sunny's back.

"Chill Girl, It's ok. We are home now. Let's celebrate", exclaimed Sunny.

Sirah, didn't really like this gesture but she was happy that Sunny forgave her for such act. "Home? Are we going to your home? But What about returning back to hostel?", questioned Sirah.

"Oh! Don't worry just come with me. I have my other friends waiting for you upstairs. Come na. It will be fun", Sunny offered.

It was already 11:30 at night and Sirah had no other option as the hostel gates were already close at 7:00 pm. She agreed walking upstairs and follow Sunny.

The moment they reached, the other roomies shouted in joy, "Happy Birthday Sirah".

Sirah smiled and said "Thank you all". A weird nervousness persisted on Sirah's face. She didn't know any of them there. After a series of surprises, she didn't want any more of them. All she wanted to do is to get back home. Her cellphone battery was also draining. Sirah was nervous. Another beautiful cake was presented and was cut in her name inside. It was distributed amongst all the roomies. The roomies comprised of 5 people. One, elder sister of Sunny, two, elder sister's boyfriend, three, a friend of Sunny, four, girl friend of Sunny's friend, fifth, the neighbor roomie of Sunny.

It was 1:00 am of late night and everyone planned to sleep. Sirah wanted to get back to hostel. She was missing mom and her tidy room. In a blink of an eye, the people gathered in the room, left Sunny and Sirah alone. Sunny lying on the bed, started weeping.

Sirah worried about his health, rushed to him on the bed. "What's wrong Sunny?, frowned Sirah asked. Sunny held her hand and groped her saying, "Sirah! I need you".

Sirah revolted in anger, slapping him and running out of the room into the terrace. Sirah was guilty of accepting his treat on her birthday. She felt like she has committed a heinous crime, trusting Sunny as her very close friend. Sirah almost broke into tears, leaning on the safety grill of the terrace.

Sunny's elder sister heard Sirah sobbing and walked close to her, tapping on her shoulder, saying, "What's wrong Sirah?".

Sirah with teary eyes hugged her and said, "Di! I just want to go back to hostel".

Sunny's sister replied, "Not now my dear. Tonight is the night, you are supposed to make my brother happy. We did all this for this one moment. We won't let you leave before that".

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Debasish Das
Debasish Das
21 ביולי 2018

Fantastic twist in the tail of the tale

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