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She touched him and said, "Don't touch me ever again"!

Aka in her childhood

Beautiful ornamental tress forming a canopy to a small shelter. The twigs and the flowers fall exactly in place with the edges of the shelter, making it a petite palace in the middle of the forest. Undiscovered and far from the visual perception of the machine-man, this island is an abode to the rarest few or may be just one, the Aka.

Aka, builds small shelters of palm trees at every 5 miles distance to escape rain and ferocious animals. Loneliness is when Aka gazes at sky. Rest all the time, Aka takes care of the her Mother, Nature. Aka is a 20 year old girl and the entire forest is her mother. She is the last survivor of her entire family, in-fact the tribe, yet she is not lonely. Aka loves ornaments but not clothes. She collects shells and teeth of dead animals threading them into a bracelet sometimes and sometimes into a necklace. Eyes bright as star, embedded on a small dusky face. There is a line of white dotted specks on top of both the brows. Lips plummy and juicy with a small black mole at the edge of the right side of the juxtaposition of upper and lower lip. Her neck spammed with pearls of oceans touching the bare bosom. The line running through the centre of the bosom to the naval gleams like sun, melting down in the small belly black hole, laden with shining blue stones. The midriff curvy as fruit. The weaved leaves wrapped around the genitals reaching the girdled thighs. Her long and slender legs are smooth enough to let anything rest on them. Such was the charm of the island-girl, her hair kissing her rear.

Sitting by the river-side, engrossed in the calculations of the swings of water with closed eyes, her feet were half draped by sand and the blanket of waves, ascending and descending in a loop. When, the little finger of her feet touched something solid as rock. Aka rose up in curiosity and found a body of human similar in color but different in appearance. "What is this?, Aka enquired to herself. She stood tall in the water and dragged the human to the shores. "Ummmm......not so long hair. Eyes.....ummm.....two,, ears........two,, teeth.......looks like mine, neck........ok, bosom......uhhh....are pumped out, stomach........looks similar. What's that? Looks like some soft skin of bear and she slowly slid down the bear like cover. In dismay, she uttered, "The's weird." Screaming like a whistle, Aka ran into the plantation, hiding behind a palm tree. "Some creepy reptile has affixed itself to this human and hence, he is dead. I should go running to ask for forgiveness to Mother Nature", Aka advised herself.

The drowsy sun retired to its bed and the stars started pandiculation in the sky. The moon blushed it's light peeping through the canopies of the forest. "Oh! Yeah, Hi! The white God, Thank you for lighting up my world", Aka thanked mother to glow a lamp, shattering darkness. Aka rubbed the stones and lit a fire near her palm shelter and started gazing at the stars in the sky. Her favorite star was the one which had the dullest shine of all because she interpreted it as a helping star. The helping star was the one which shines dull as it shares its light with the other stars. The heavy eyelids shuttered the view slowly with the music of the forest. After an hour, Aka woke up but not near the shelter. She was on a special bed of fragrant flowers, a mile away from her shelter. And the human she rescued near the waters was staring her. "I shall kill you, you human-animal", Aka shouted fearfully in her own language. The man couldn't interpret her warning signs and looked at her with love. He spoke, "Don't freak out. I just lost way swimming and was thrown to this island. I find you really adorable". Expressing his love for her, he uttered, "I think I am in love with you."

Aka ferociously picked up the bamboo stick lying at a palms distance and made her first strike. The strike missed it's aim and she bounced back with the bamboo hitting the stone. "What's wrong with you Girl? I ain't here to hurt you. Why don't you understand?, the man spoke in agitation. Aka interpreted it as, "I will take over the forest and make you my prisoner". She ran from the clutches of the 23 year old man and eloped in the dense forest. "Oh! No, not again. somebody tell her that I love her", man held his stoop with both the hands and stood watching her running as far as his sight could see before she vanished.

"Looks like it's just the lady who lives here, rest there is no sign of any other human. I should try contacting my friends and call them here. It's a nice place to hangout", the man spoke to himself. The man slept in a while, Aka went hiding at some distance planning to trap the human-animal. Suddenly, the forest started trembling in the fear of the tiger roaring loud. Aka perceived the danger and felt like alerting the human-animal. The tiger had the human scent and it was advancing close to the man. Aka wasted no time and took the trail. She ran through the known shortcuts to reach before the tiger could. Aka reached the man before the tiger. Speaking in her language, "Run or climb, else the tiger would tear you into pieces", Aka alerted the man. But the man interpreted it as, "Aka is scared of something and asking for his help".

He picked up the bamboo stick and prepared himself to fight with whatever was coming. And he was startled, when he found the danger to be a tiger. Aka instantly climbed the tree and shouted on the man to do the same. But, the man didn't take heed of her advice and ran towards the tiger to attack. Fortunately, the first attack on the tiger was successful and the stick pierced it's stomach. Aka swaying on one of the branches of palm, was watching the man fight. The tiger was hurt badly and it fell on the grasses in a flash. The man though scared, rejoiced in his striking win against the tiger. He was now ready to make the second blow and kill the roaring giant, when Aka broke a twig out of the tree and jumped on the ground. A dead silence conquered the forest. Streams of blood in the sheen of the night appeared to be some red river.

Aka had aimed at the man and she pierced the twig deep in his heart, speaking in her language, "The nature is me and I am the nature. They are my family. DON'T TOUCH ME EVER AGAIN".

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