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Ssssshhhhhhh Time

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

I love the quiet times in life,

So few and far between,

When one can touch the stillness.

With nothing in between.

Moments which you set aside,

For me when I need.

To contemplate and meditate,

So, I can better heed.

Your soft and gentle whisperings,
That seem so crystal clear,
Always heard by listening heart,
But never by the ear.

With time for thought and time for prayers,

How precious are the hours,

With not a harsh or hurting word.

......Among the tree and flowers.

I love the quiet time in life,

And they have come to be;

Special moments richly shared,

Between you and me.

Free from all distractions,

Far from the beaten tracks.

Where I may walk with you and get,

........My lost perspective back.

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