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Updated: Apr 19, 2018

I feel safe in heaven.

QUESTION: Why the pressure of the status of being a man overpowers his statutory offenses ?

When you think of sizzling actresses, who comes to your mind first??? Let me help you. Sunny Leone, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and so on. When you talk of goddesses, you chant the names like Durga, Saraswati, Kali, Chandi, Parvati, Annapurna and the list of deities is endless. How about Apsaras? Urvashi, Rambha, Maneka, Tilotma were among those who were blessed with eternal beauties. Today when I enunciate R-a-p-e, who tootles your mind?

Is it Nirbhaya, Asifa, Isha, Jessica………...? The list is endless today and so is the list of the rapists. You can please fill in the blanks with the names of those whom you see suffering or saw suffered in present or in past respectively. But I know you will only speak once you see your daughter/mother/sister/friend being ripped and peeled endlessly (R-A-P-E-D) or maybe you will never stand for it.

Hi! I am Nirbahaya.

R-A-P-E is a statutory offense and who so ever is found guilty deserves only and only Capital Punishment. Do we all agree with it? Of course, we do. We have all our sympathies with the victims and then our work is over. It’s now a rape victim's or rape survivor’s duty to make sure that she doesn’t let the word spread out else the so called “rapists” would lose their dignities. So, now feel the heat of Sarcasm. The dignity of a “rape victim” weighs lower than the dignity of “the rapist” on the beam balance of justice. Don’t worry I am not here to prove the facts and raise fingers on “the rapists”. When the Indian Judiciary and the Indian government failed to ensure the security of a 5, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 23, 26, 30, 40, 45-year-old delicate creations. Who am I to advocate them. “I ain’t have any super powers, else justice would have always been just to every girl living”, quoted Varsha, a 10-year-old girl, who now knows what R-A-P-E is.

She is the cute Asifa

“O ri chiraiyya, nanhi si chidya angna mein phir aja re”. Remember this song!! For the information of all those for who are not fluent with Hindi, here is a translation, “Oh “Birdie, my little bird please come back to my yard/courtyard again”. In 2012, this song was composed in the honor of all the rape victims and survivors. Now, in 2018 this song in the voice of every rapist, invites the birds to fly back to them and fall prey to their lust, vexation and aggravation. And guys, the satire is- any bird can be hunted down, even in her infancy. Be it day or night, the atrocious and barbarous aeon is the only truth of 2018 and the upcoming years. The jingle “Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao”, (English translation “Teach the girl, save the girl”), in 2018 is not a slogan but a trademark. The meaning which can be derived from this trademark is- Teach your girl that she gets raped for a reason. Lessons like YOUR SKIRT SHOULDN’T BE TOO SHORT, YOUR SMILE SHOULDN’T BE TOO WIDE & YOUR BREATH MUST NOT SMELL OF ALCOHOL, etc. are habituated on them. In the nutshell, it is taught, “THE SHAME HAS TO BE HER’S”.

Girl!!! Fight for yourself. Save yourself.

There is only one man, who can stop all these brutal statutory offenses. Any Guesses?? The government? No! The Police? No! The Politicians? No! The opposition parties? No! The women rights organization? No! The Prime Minister himself? No! The Almighty? No! Then who??????????????????

The only man who can stop a girl from being raped every minute, every night and day, is the one who chooses to rape her –Had that man stopped himself, no raped would have ever occurred.

Isn’t it a sharp stab of doldrums and downheartedness each minute a girl is raped. When will he realize that he has done something immeasurably wrong? Every time, we raise voice, organize candle marches and rallies, creating a bucket of memories, sinking them deep and finally tying a rock to them. Why are we following the blind policy of denial and running?

To all those guys out there, do you think it is in your bones? Or you are under impression that, Women are of low intrinsic worth and so your callousness gives you all the symbolic rights to claim her body. It’s you, who is making choices, not she.

She will still recognize your humanity, Mr. Rapist. But, the question which will be unanswered is- What is there in the human societies that outturn such violence and offenses.

We began with a question and we ended onto a question. Seems like the birth of dame is itself a question.

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