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Taboos for us and Rituals for them

Why do we call it a Taboo, when it is practiced by a section of society? Many bloggers introduce the anathema across the globe with an introductory statement "Taboo means forbidden or prohibited". But the question is who decides on to which practice is to forbidden and which is to be perpetuated ? You or me? Well, you and me are no different from the society. This is something which is to be bore in mind. However, the change always begins with "me", only then the society can be steered in "my" direction. Some Taboos, though bizarre, were developed in the common interest of humanity, while some Taboos brings sheer disgrace to humanity.

What's your counterstrike on the 7 most kooky and outlandish stereotypes?

How about a fart at the start: The Yanomami Tribe in South America is special for it's singularity in farting. Sounds interesting and stinky. Isn't it? But, for them this is the sign of greeting gesture. I am sure on public pooping as a universal taboo. What do you think on public farting? A stimulating fact on farts is that on an average a person farts 14 times. So, you can perceive it as, your butt gets chance to make 14 wishes in a day :P. Jokes apart, What makes me wonder about the Yanomamis' is "How do they manage to fart at such regular intervals on an occasion or family function"?

Pregnancy in Ecstasy: A mix of Chinese, Malay, Indians, and European culture. Guess! Which place is this which holds up a compelling taboo? It's Malaysia. So, Malaysian pregnant women aren't allowed to kill or destroy anything (from the smallest ant to the biggest creature on earth). It's believed that such wrong doings would result into a de-shaped and unhealthy baby. They usually prefer watching beautiful things as awful and unsightly things might turn the child ugly. Besides, the custom is to plant a pine-apple tree near to the house in order to keep away with the wicked omens, which are believed to be preying the pregnant women. The plant is to seeded by the husband only so that fruit's spike provides a protective covering.

Sex Rituals on shades of time: In South Africa, there are certain tribes which practice polygamy. They compare those who are involved in intercourse during broad day light with dogs. They have defined certain stipulations for sexual communion. Either you wake up after a bad dream, or you kill a python or there is a storm round the corner, you are not allowed to involve in any sexual intercourse.

Sacrificial encouragement in the name of the environment: The people of Kaningara tribe of Papua New Guinea are very close to nature and share a whimsical bond with the Mother Earth. The most idiosyncratic way of connecting their spirits with nature is to bathe in a bloody modification. A "Pro" prepares every single man of the tribe for the manhood transition by chiseling his body into small sharp chunks of bamboo.The pattern carved on their backs looks more of a crocodile skin. As per their custom, crocodile is the genesis of mankind. Therefore, those sharp tooth marks reflects that the crocodile gulped the young boy and hurled up a strong man.

Transfix with knives and sticks: Most commonly known as Impaling, it is the most practiced ritual in many parts of the globe. But Phuket, Thailand holds up this ritual in the most extreme and brutal way. Can you think of even piercing your finger with a needle? Well, honestly I am scared of needles and so the sight would definitely be outrageous enough to sack my soul. The people in Phuket, push through sharp weapons like spears, knives, blades besides guns in their cheeks. With the advent of swords and hooks cutting through their cheeks, the gods and good luck enter in, chucking the omen and evil spirits. Next time, you pierce yourself knowingly or unknowingly, mind it! you are expelling an evil out of your body.

Dancing in the Sun and saving nature on the run: Praying their Great Deity and retaining the life of a tree, is a common practice amongst the Native Americans. A pole is established in the name of a tree and the chest skin of a practitioner is fastened with a skewer while a rope connects the skewer to the pole. The wager is to break free of the skewer, moving back and forth, no matter how long it takes. Doesn't this invites the memories of movie "Sholay", where the character "Basanti" dances in the scorching sun for her lover. What a Suntastic Dance?

Cannibalism, the eating taboo and Necrophilia, the venereal taboo: The ascetic Shadhus of Varanasi, a holy city of India, are also known as Aghoris. Human bones are their jewelry while they smear their bodies with the cremation ashes. I remember I was so hell scared of Aghoris during my childhood and honestly I still am. Their looks are appalling enough to make you pee in your pants :(. On a serious note, they dwell on the dead bodies of those, who cannot be cremated. The non-cremated bodies are categorized in to five types- People who die of leprosy or snake bite, a dead child, an unmarried woman or a pregnant woman and a saint/priest. As far as Necrophilia is concerned, they make love with the corpses just to fulfill the sex satisfaction demand of Goddess Kali (A Hindu Goddess). The cannibalism and Necrophilia is the specimen of finding purity in filthy things for Aghoris. For them it's right way to prove their dedication to God thereby bringing a singularity in everything they do. So, next time when you meet an Aghori, better to walk quietly down the streets.

Trapped in Taboo.
Taboo is a mesh

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