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Technology + Emotional Void= Impatience. An Insight on what have we turned into?

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

The patience beans are spilled.

To begin with, I am sure most of the ITHOMians (In the heat of the moment readers) must have scrolled down through the blog page, just to estimate the length of this post. Don't worry, I will ensure that this post keeps you engaged for not more than three minutes of your life. After all time is money. A very recurrent excuse to circumvent things which doesn't really pleases your interest. You might not be earning some dollars every second like Bill Gates, still you don't really feel like erring i.e., waiting in a queue. Do you know with the thwack of technical advancements, we are loosing the most benevolent forms of art? One of them would be the art of waiting. Patience is one of the distinctive feature of being a human. You won't be surprised to know that we all are now used to follow our teeny-weeny animal instinct with more innovations on technological fronts.

Take a pause and think if you really have time to breath. If you honestly answer this question, the answer would be "NO....". Aren't you thinking of devising a technology which can stretch an hour more out of the 24 hours of a day? Come on, be honest. Yes you are. It might be either for work or pleasure, we all are putting in a lot of hard work enduring colossal stress. Whatever may be the final destination (varies person to person), we all are just nearing to endless demands. Lost are the telegram days, where wait was the test of love. The new preset is the hologram, you wish to see them and there they come. Everything in a jiffy. You don't even need the physical presence and you kill that emotion which would have sprouted when you see your loved ones in person. We are blindly killing Mr. Wait and incubating Mr. Intolerance and Mr. Anger. This is not what I am saying, it's all backed up by books and studies.

We happen to check our phones in every 10 minutes for all the imbibing notifications. That doesn't mean that we stay connected to the rest of the world.

That just means we are separating our worlds and racing our fears. The latest research shows the fear of loosing phone coverage and the fear of exhausting the batteries are among the top 10 fears of mankind. Technology is our new rage, the gratifying trolls these days are driving people crazy thereby vanishing the listening part. Our communication is only restricted to rebellious and bull-headed opinions. The discontent in the world is turning epidemic and this is because "in the name of technology we have paralyzed ourselves". Biologically, if an organ is not used for longer period of time, it is coined as vestigial and it stops functioning. The human limbs will soon be vestigial. Because we can shake our booties only on the dance floor and not to turn on the radio, TV, walk out to a nearest shopping store or spare sometime to meet a friend. The purpose is now served by Alexa, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Google assistant, Whatsapp, facebook and many more respectively. It's not that I blame these apps and their developers, the blame has to be taken by us.

Our ability to think has been jeopardized by these machines. Our decisions are now instant and not humane. We have failed our ability to think and predict future. We are worst than our own created machines, terrible decision makers and poorly focused doers.

All you need to realize is that you have much longer time than you think. Only then you will be able to make a better decision. It's late however not that late that we have lost the key to patience. It's inside you, embrace it and make it powerful enough to fight our own created monsters. I know the rehoming of anger, intolerance and violence is back-breaking. But if we stand together for humanity, we are sure to replace it with loads of love and understanding.

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