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Thankfulness to Mother Nature

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

For smiling faces-helping hands,

A friend who always understands.

The very greatest of all the lands.

Mother nature, I am thankful!

For golden sun up in the sky,

A cloud of white that's sailing by,

A mountain that is climbing high

Mother nature, I am thankful!

For joys so rich-each shining dawn,

The dewdrops on a summer lawn,

And sunset when day is gone.

Mother nature, I am thankful!

A god of love- a whispered prayer,

A hope when life would send a care,

A liberty and freedom rare.

Mother nature, I am thankful!

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1 comentario

Anil Mothe
Anil Mothe
15 mar 2018

Mother Nature is So rich and Selfless,

Nature has no Obligations to shower it's beauty to all,

And we must be Liable for paying Debt to Nature..

You author, What a way to pay debt to Mother Nature..

I'm very much impressed by your words to Mother Nature..

Take a bow....

Me gusta
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