• Vrinda Singh Chauhan

The Civilization Killer---1


The world famous heritage Machu-Picchu, voted as one of the seven wonders of the world in 2007 has lot to impress the modern visitors. It's establishment has a spectacular tale to tell. A tale of "The children of the sun" in 12th Century AD.

The pacific ocean was quite and subtle. The sky was aloof and was awaiting a whimsical snog. The world was equivalent to void, no pristine living forms, no beautiful feather brute and no greenery to please the eyes. The sky and the earth were bored of the nude gazes. When in two shakes, rose a embodiment of some peculiar light out of the depth of the oceans. The creator God "Viracocha"standing on the brinks of the lashing water, created different ethnic groups. He started painting the lifeless sky and ground with some estimable living souls. The yellow shade painted the sun, the green painted the trees while the scattered white painted the sky with enormous shades. The world started blooming. The sky and the earth had new friends to play hide and seek with. The world almost rejoiced in contentment. In the blink of eye, these creations transformed and emerged as a super power. The nascent Feathery brute fabricated 100 pairs of divergent feathered and un-feathered egg-laying vertebrates. The conifers prudent of it's tallness created saplings, bushes and shrubs. The world shrieked with the magic of creation. All the ethnic groups had played their part and each one of them were staring the Sun. Sun took every ethnic group by surprise with his sagacious creation, "The children of Sun", the few chosen ones. And this led to the beginning of human race. Manco Capac and Mama Oqullo were the originals of the children of sun. The two gave birth to three more juveniles and then the five were set on to their civilization excavation. They gave birth to an "Inca" kind.

The population grew rapidly and the Incas scattered in search of plunder and production resources. Within years, the number increased to 40,000 and the fights began to govern the exponentially increasing population. Up-to the late 14th and 15th century, some 10 million inhabitants were speaking some 30 different languages forming trivial civilizations namely Chimor, Wanka, Colla and Wanka. A battle was fought amongst all the budding civilizations for the election of the Inca leader and Pachacuti Inca was elected to the throne in the capital Cuzco. He was also known as the "Reverser of the world". Pachacuti was very fond of women and so no sooner he conquered the throne, he called in for a public meeting. The meeting was to be attended only by the beauties of the town. The tradition which was practiced was that the nobles of the first level in the kingdom, close to the king, would tie a cloth on the king's eyes. The king would walk through the women standing in a queue with closed eyes. The women he touches first would be the chosen queen. Pachacuti called in the gathering of all the beautiful women, who were 20 in number. He was fortunate enough to choose the most beautiful women, Manin Capac. Manin Capac was the daughter of one the nobles of second line but she rejected the marriage proposal. The traditions were followed sternly and so she had to marry the new king even if it is against her will. Manin Capac was in love with Wayna Capac, a soldier of the king's army and it was her precarious wish to marry the soldier.

The king unaware of this entanglement was busy decorating the palace with the finest tiles and building sacred gold covered and emerald studded temples in the honor of the Sun God, Inti and the moon goddess, Mama Kilya. While the capital city, Cuzco was decorated with vast shrines, fountains, parklands and plazas in the honor of the new queen.

It was just two day left to the marriage when one late evening Manin confessed infront of her father, "I don't wish to marry the king. My heart beats for Wayna and his mere presence, makes me feel the queen of the world". The outraged father locked Manin up and ordered the guards to execute Wayna for beguiling his daughter. Wayna comprehended the danger and hid in the house of the noble for he knew the guards would search of him everywhere except the noble's house and the king's palace. By smoky night, the disappointed noble decided to poison his daughter. If the king comes to know that Manin doesn't want to marry him, he would assassinate every single member of the noble's family. The noble walked to her room and un-latched the door. To his dismay, he didn't find Manin in her room. At first he doubted that she might have slaughtered herself but a minute later a guard of his informed him that Wayna rescued Manin and they are heading to the Init temple to get married.

The wedding celebrations were at peak. The king was all ready for the promising day rejoicing with the liquor in his gold cup, pampered by the ladies of the whorehouse. One of the ladies stacked with fruits approached the king asking, "How do you feel about the would be queen?" The king answered "Her gracious beauty can devour the entire kingdom. I am head over heels in love with her and can do anything to get her love". The lady suspended the grapes close to the king's mouth and uttered, "Watch out king! you are in love and it can be fatal", the ladies giggled around. The giggle faded off within seconds when a guard informed the king about the dalliance of Manin and Wayna. The angry king gathered his armed forces and headed to the Init temple.

Wayna and Manin were about to exchange the vows but were interrupted by the majesty himself. The king said, "Manin, I don't want to take you by force but I love you and I can do anything which would allow me to be yours forever". He sobbed and addressed Wayna, "If you wish to have golds and emeralds, I shall relinquish it all for Manin. I just request you to leave Manin in return". Manin with dropping shoulders and teary eyes was gazing the Wayna's eyes, when Wayna said, "Make me the king and I shall give up on Manin". A deep silence prevailed since the gathering was taken by surprise. Manin treaded 2 steps back, lost and broken. Her heart was shattered and the blood was all dried up in her veins.

Lunatic in love, the king announced, "I choose Wayna to the throne". Listening to the King's verdict, Manin collapsed to the ground. Physicians were called upon to look for the would be queen. In the meanwhile, Wayna was crowned the king and Manin was accompanied by Pachacuti in the temple along with her father and the physician. Her heart was sinking and the physician gave up on saving her. The physician with a sorry cutting face uttered, "I apologize, but it seems her blood has dried up and she has few minutes left". Manin opened up her eyes and spoke her last words, "The kingdom shall perish in a venomous endemic".

Manin was mummified the next day in the Init temple with all due respect. However, the perils of the curse fell upon the kingdom few days later the death of Manin. The kingdom was invaded by the Europeans and most of the population died of an endemic, small pox which spread faster than the invaders.

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