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The Dance of Death

The interior lights flickered and came on. I sank into the sofa and sighed with relief. On the small screen, the fire-breathing politicians were quite polarizing, but the mouth-breathing fans were intensely loyal and supportive. The furrows on either side of my forehead were digging deep in the flesh. So, I closed my eyes and gave myself some breathing space. Couple of minutes later, I raised my eyelids to find that my world had totally changed. That 32 inch screen contained a world beyond my imagination of eternal damnation.

The residents of the other side of the screen don't seem to be happy. Crossing the borders of technology and virtualization, the citizens of hell looked hostile. As if they are waging a war against humanity, planning to churn it piece by piece. I tried to slip out of my sofa but my efforts lost their lives in a stampede. A parading squad of 70.82 "rupee" faced hell-men and hell-women carrying a "dollar" faced man on their shoulders marched out of the screen. My efforts were crushed under the feet of the parading squad. R.I.P my efforts!

I was mourning their death, when an outrageous act of groping the magnificent creation of God, women, grew vivid and wider. The bounty-hunters were spreading like virus. Within no time, they were on the grounds of brutalism, shoving their boners into the sacred chambers of birthing. My shame and chivalry united to fight this despotism but couldn't breath in the contagious air for long. At long last, they perished. R.I.P my shame and chivalry.

Tears welled up in my eyes, my three best friends were crushed in the hands of hell-dwellers. Ah! The next sight appeared blurred but looked soothing to eyes. Seemed like it was a peaceful tract of green-land. A silver lining in the grey-cloud, I wiped my eyes. To my surprise, even my natural lenses were gimmicking my vision. The green tract turned dry and lifeless. The hardworking husbandmen were walking on the tall trees to hang themselves from the heights of misery and helplessness. The unbearable agony of the men of tall stature, compelled my courage and hope to hold their legs and save them from hanging. Alas! the atrocious builder creed of the hell-dwellers chopped my courage and hope to morsel of tyranny and oppression. R.I.P my courage and hope.

The 32 inch screen grew bigger and wider. It could now accommodate nearly the entire country. I am paralyzed now. The goodness inside me is dying every second. The flesh of humanity is withering off. The bones of cruelty and selfishness are replacing the flesh of goodness. I have lost 85% of my flesh of goodness. The remaining 15% is only the love inside me. Unfortunately, the love inside is also corrupted in the "endemic of power".The corrupted love for life. The selfish love of survival. I am dancing on the beats of the devil music performing the dance of death. I can't even change the steps. If I dare to do that, even these cruel bones will vanish. It's true that death is the ultimate truth of life.But the penultimate truth is- "Before I die, the goodness and the kindness inside me will die million times sometimes as effort or sometimes as courage"

And when I say "I", it means all of us. Because this 32 inch screen of eternal damnation will follow you wherever you go. The size of the screen may vary but there is no escape from it.

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