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The Murky Girl-5

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

The man was well suited with an English hat. The ladies had never seen such a handsome man ever before. For them he was from some outside world beyond imaginations. His sharp nose and pink lips were the only assets visible with that black hat on. His lurking eyes was contaminating the hearts throbbing around with lust. Slowly-slowly almost all the girls and the ladies of the brothel gathered around him. A vague murmur prevailed in the adjoining places like buzzing of bees. The man finally interrupted, "Could anyone help me the way to meet Chandrika?"His words were less comprehensible and his voice was more irresistible. Each of the white slaves kind of fell in love with him. He knocked the crowd once again with a hesitant tone, "I.... I.... want to see Chandrika?" No one seems to understand what he wants, when a voice from some distance popped up, "Yes! I can help, come with me". The hat-man looked around for the source of the voice and he felt cheated by his very own hat.

So, the brief case was carefully landed on the tiled floor and the man approached his hat with his right hand, gently picking it up, securing his hair and holding the hat between his left hand and left stoop. The moment he gazed in to the eyes of the lady who offered him help, he fell in love with her. Her eyes were hazel and were unique in it's kind. The man picked up the brief-case followed her as if he was in spell, while the ladies were checking him out. On the way to Chandrika's cabinet, the Englishman wiping his forehead with a hanker-chief said, "Thank God, You know my language. Every second with the ladies staring me, I was melting down in nervousness". Deepali burst into laughter and replied, "They have seen an Englishman for the first time, people like you don't visit us for years. By the way, What business brings you to this foreign land today?". The Englishman returned back from the delving thoughts on Deepali's beauty and replied, "Oh....Uh...Yes, What did you say? It seems I furrowed in the beauty of the place. Excuse me please". Deepali giggled and knocked Chandriks's door with a notifier, "Some foreigner has come to meet you. Shall I bring him in?". Chandrika in a louder tone spoke, "Mr. Collins, please come in".

The man stepped inside the royally decorated room and greeted the lady with a nod. "What need brings you here, Mr. Collins. Last time your father visited this place, but unfortunately we couldn't assist him.", uttered Chandrika with a beetle nut in her mouth. The man replied, "You couldn't help my father and therefore I am here looking for answers. My father was in love with you. Even you loved him, then why did you leave him? He had to stay all alone in agony of not having you close. I just came here to check what was the spell which paralyzed his instincts to such an extent that he disowned his very own wife and child. It's been four days he has been dead now and here I brought his remains in this brief case".

Tears welled up in Chandrika's eyes but she played strong holding them up. With red eyes, she stammered, "I am sorry for your loss. Your father was a good man. It would be better if the questions which you are asking remain unanswered. You are our guest. Help us in serving you. Try spending a week at this place and I will engage Deepali at your service. We will also help you completing the final rites for your father in the holy water of Ganges".

The man didn't look convinced but he agreed onto staying at the place for a week, for he had this faith that sooner or later, he will find out the answers on why were they not together despite the overwhelming love. The tears in Chandrika's eyes inspired the man to discern the anecdote. Deepali who was peeping through a slit in the door heard of the conversation and looked totally confounded. She spoke to her inner-self, "Mother Chandrika have secretes too. I will have to find out what really happened?". Oops, Avant, Deepali jerked her head up, "I almost forgot I have to see if she has eaten anything, the sun is at it's peak".

Chandrika was an experienced wench and she wasn't unaware of the fact that Deepali has heard their conversation. She called for Deepali seating Mr. Collins on the red color chaise lounge. The carvings and engravings were marvelous and intense but most importantly Mr Collins was spellbound by Deepali's beauty. Investigating the establishment from the very top to bottom, Mr Collins turned left and found a 5 year old girl staring him with great inquisitiveness. Behind her was Deepali holding Avant and babbling, "Stop staring him like that, it's very embarrassing!." Chandrika, a spectator, to all the commotions happening around spoke at the top of her voice, "Deepali, please leave Avant with me and take Mr. Collins along with you. Make sure you render the best of your services. He will be staying with us for next 7 days and you will be accountable for all his needs. And yes! Avant would stay with me for 7 days and you don't have to bother about it."

She didn't kick against the verdict and bowed her head showing the way to Mr. Collins room.

Avant stood wondering, if she won't be seeing her mother for other 7 days just because of this weird alien. She decided to follow her mother but was held up by Chandrika's stern words, "You will stay with me". The dainty legs stopped the trail and the doors were shut behind.

It was late night, Avant sat behind the doors dejected. While, Mother Chandrika stepped out for some trade arrangements. A group of men of the nearby village arrived at the brothel inquiring some requirements for their celebrations. Mother Chandrika decided to entertain them on her very own. She never relied on anyone for trade. Not even Deepali. Therefore, she was engrossed with such meetings day in or out.

Alone in the room, Avant started thinking of Deepali and the curiosity to see her was blooming inside her. So, she slipped out of the room with light feet, carefully stowing the pillows on the bed and covering them up with a blanket. Just to make sure if someone happens to see for her, they find her sleeping.

She checked almost every room of the floor, but couldn't find where Deepali was. Her search was on and she was taking every precaution to escape the vigils of Mother Chandrika. Incisive search finally took Avant to the second floor of the establishment. She had never visited that floor before as she wasn't allowed. She hesitantly stepped on the floor and decided to walk ahead. She could hear loud squeals, grunts and whimpers which scared her and she stepped back to the staircase running to third floor. "What was that? Is it some sort of monster inside and someone is in danger?", Avant asked herself.

From the sixth step of the staircase, she peeped and saw Deepali kissing the foreigner near the window in the last room of the row. Avant grunted, "What's that? What is she doing?"

She flew to the room and knocked it.

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