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The science of touch

The science of touch.

The largest organ of our body or the largest organ of any animal's body is skin. Isn't it? Sounds skinny. How do you feel your skin? By smelling? By sighting? By hearing? By tasting? or By touching? Of course by touching. Of all the senses, the sense of touch rules the kingdom of anthropology. So, that brings In the heat of the moment to investigate on, "What makes the touch so special amongst all?".

I wont go into the deep biology of tactical and forebrain, so stay ambivalent to all the findings. The nascent science of touch vests in it all the secretes of pleasure, pain and above all the human goodness. Happiness either to others or even to us, is just a matter of hand/touch. Mulling over the thought, "My hand, is the god of all land". Then the answer to it is, "Yes! It is. We have always wandered hand to hand, but this magic no one could understand". Although the complex communication system is in a continuous vamping process since the time of evolution of mammals. But the hand is the finest creation of all the tactical communications. A creation which holds up the responsibility of more than 80% of our sensations. Rest are taken care by the supplementary senses. The journey of touch began from making contacts with the outer world and took halts in between in making alliances with others. In the early ages of mammalian evolution, touch sought its significance for sharing food with the strangers. Touching was rewarded with the primitive act of kindness.

Touch flourished with the human society in terms of warm hugs, embraces, pats on back, paving avenues for trust, assurance and co-operation. Touch is now a value addition to every dialect. Touch excels in almost every arena from mediation to medication and from meditation to masturbation. A stressed out person can be easily relaxed by mere touch of his/her beloved. While a meditating person traverses universe with finger tips joined. The most essential sentiments of human kind can be expressed by touch. If examined, touch is nothing but a complex circuit board of skin, nerves and brain, yet the powerhouse of salient emotions.

A tank full of hormones, we as human long for interpersonal touches, caresses, embraces, pats and the list goes on. In the 21st century, 90% of the population is consumed up with the thought of holding and kissing their favorite actors and actresses. A point to note here is that touch is the centre of all our obsessions and fantasies. Touch is a sensation, if lost can never be re-created. A blind can be given back eyes or if not can touch brail and understand, a deaf can still manage to understand by hand interpretations. Sense of smell and taste if lost doesn't really land you into a big trouble. But without touch, life can not be imagined. The roots of touch are intertwined with humanity, that this tactile sensation most of the times loses it's importance to all the supplementary senses in the daily life. Strange! Isn't it?

The touch experience is so intrinsic that most of our daily conversations are inspired by it. for instance, "I am so deeply touched by your story". Ever heard some one saying, "I am so deeply sighted by your story". or like "She rubs him all the time". What if we say, "She tasted him all the time".

That's how we know, "Why emotions are feelings and not sightings and hearings!". The pleasure of touch these days is easily manipulated as sex and gambling by industries in the marketplace. Hope you got it. ;)

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1 Comment

Mothe Anil
Mothe Anil
Nov 06, 2018

What a nice concept author.

I have something to share here. I personally do not know about Science or Maths of touch. But Bee Gee's lyrics goes on like this.

"I know your eyes in the morning sun

I feel you touch me in the pouring rain

And the moment that you wander far from me

I want to feel you in my arms again

And you come to me on a summer breeze

Keep me warm in your love, then you softly leave"

Touch might be science as you said. But it's wonderful!!!!

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