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There is something more intel-in-glance than your brain.Guess where is it, inside you?

Congratulations readers. We have successfully polluted the major element of existence, the free air. Well done! Humans have this tendency of misusing the things which come for free. True, isn't it? So, what are you targeting next, Water? Well, majorly we are close to the bulls eye. But we would still take some more time to pollute the water completely. Because this time the competition is with the brain of nature, Water. Nature is a mathematical equation of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Void (Space).Human body is one of the forms of nature. Certainly, every living organism on earth is a subset of nature.

Hey! wait, Did I just mention, "Water is the brain of Nature"? What's our brain made of? When we talk of brain, scientific terms like neutrons, dendrites, axons, etc, glitter like stars in the dark sky of questions. Withal, Do we know our brain itself is composed of 75% of water? Do we also know our lungs contains 83% of water? Now, don't confuse with the fact that you can live just on water. Jokes apart. So, Water, water, water everywhere! After all, 71% of earth is also water. This is what makes water omnipotent. And hence, the divinity of water comes in picture. However, the debate between divinity and technology is eternal. But water is one juncture where the two can kiss the cup together. Wondering How? Here is the answer.

The five vital organs of any living organism can be easily correlated with the five elements of nature. If fire is heart, air is lungs, earth is liver and space is kidney, then the brain is "WATER". And this is what makes water not only intelligent but also intel-in-glance, which means information captured in just a glance. Puzzled? Then try this--

Collect water in a tray and share all your love with it, as much as you can. After minutes of water conversation, place the tray in a freezer and wait for the water to freeze. Crazy isn't it? Wait! the major surprise is yet to be revealed. The hours of freezing would be full of suspense. Take out the frozen water, now see the water transformed ice, by placing it under a microscope. Guess what you see? Any idea? Then check this picture below:

The "LOVE" Crystal

Boom! Did you expect the crystal to be that beautiful? No, right? You can make it more beautiful merely by glancing it with the best of your emotions. So, Does that mean, water is intelligent enough to collect intel in a glance? Yes, that's right? Water understands emotions and sense the environment around. Water is a true mirror of feelings and emotions. Wanna experiment the water potential with hatred. There you go------

When you say to water, "You Disgust me"

The grisly picture above can be seen with the help of a microscope, after a disgusting conversation with water. Dr. Masaru Emotu, a Japanese scientist and researcher did plenty of experiments with water, precisely with all the 27 different emotions and found a unique crystal pattern after the water was frozen. Peculiar in shape, every crystal had a story to tell. The story of mindset in a glance. Not just verbal communication, water is an exceptional genius. It can understand any language written. Dr. Emotu, experimented water with some written words to which it was exposed and the behavior of the crystals was shocking. The positive and the good words created the most beautiful and beyond imaginations patterns, while the negative and devilish words had an ugly crystalline experiences. The appealing and fascinating patterns to the good around while the nasty and rugged crystalline patterns to bad around.

This proves that the concept of good and bad is not just a matter of perspective but a matter of realization.

Not just emotions, water understands every move in nature. That's why water is us and we are water. It's amazing to touch and see something which is part of our body everyday. I am sure, all the ITHOM readers would be enthused after knowing their body so meticulously. Damaging the aura around, will ultimately damage us. Because we all are images to each other but in different shapes and sizes. Water is an immortal legend. Our ancient stories of water God, doesn't feel fictitious anymore because water hears, feels, understands and reacts too. Needless to say, the great water disasters appear time to time to engulf the bad around and warn the living organisms to strike a balance. After-all water is a universal solvent.

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1 Comment

Anil Mothe
Anil Mothe
Nov 17, 2018

After reading this, I must confess your 'Intelligence' in detailing 'intel-in-glance' in an elegant style.

Thanks for your congratulation wishes, Yes I must agree some success things happens unintentionally.Fortunately I'm not really proud of this success.

I personally never worried about using any of the most abundant precious things on the earth but there is always little worry by the way it's being misused.

I know it becomes uncomfortable for me even water in my brain freezes then turns into Crystal of love.

I hope your warning bell ringing word bullets from your handgun awakes millions of brains around.

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