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They are citizens but non-voters.

They are non-voters so not a part of the govt. manifestos.
Endangered "Future"

2019 elections are at hand. Government and oppositions are all busy preparing manifestos. Some new plans and new schemes would be portrayed to lure the mob. Some parties will bribe, few will describe a community as a deprived tribe. Some parties have water schemes while others have utopian dreams. All the plannings and forecasting after all are done in the common interest of the voters. The voters like you and me. The voters like he and she. Our constitution says voting rights are granted to those, who are 18 or above 18 and are strictly Indian citizens. But What about those, who are below 18?

Do they find any space in plans, schemes and manifestos? The answer is known, "No".

The number of schools in India have increased to a big figure of 12,85,576. These stats are from 2008-2009. The stats for 2017-2018 are sure to be twice the figures captured in 2008-2009, still employment in the country is in a wild goose chase. There is no control on the exponentially increasing fees of the private schools. More than half of the daily wages of a regular Indian is sacrificed in the name of education. Its no more an education, you can call it now an edifice-caution (just a large building caution!). A survey conducted in 2017 says that one of the every third person in India is illiterate after such a huge number of schools are being erected in the country. Regardless of the standard education provided, our kids are still illiterate. It is because the standards of education are dropping day by day.

So, Does this proves that, "Are we paying such a high emolument, for dropping standards of education?"

A country where schools remain shut for days whenever it rains heavily, Isn't it a country of voters? No provisions for those who don't vote. Universities and colleges don't have teachers or professors who can at least collect the attendance of the students. Classes remain suspended for weeks. Exams aren't conducted on time and even if the exams are conducted, the results are never announced.

When will the elected government take the responsibility of the non-voters with a grain of salt?

Well! If the answer is never, then we will keep on producing the highest numbers of literate illiterates in our country, where potentials and efficiencies would be nabbed under the perils of social networking platforms like facebook, Whatsapp, instagrams, etc.

We all are sitting on the fence today, dumb like those who don't play full deck. The Indian education system today teaches the methods to solve those problems whose answers are listed at the last page of the book. It doesn’t teach to apply their instincts and dig their thought processes. The ones who do, are making the difference, but unfortunately very minimal in number. Earlier we debated on brain-drains, today we don't have brains to drain.

We all are trained in our childhood to jump on the bandwagon and try becoming popular without actually doing something real. Parents are cutting the corners to bring the best out of their children but the children are caught between the two stools. The two stools of either following their whims or to run amok in the chaotic and mysterious world of edifice-caution wrongly interpreted as education in India.

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