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To be only yours.

How much do you think people around you care for your little things? Care is something which stays even after you stop talking to people whom you used to adore. Various vivacious examples of what all sacrifices you do on daily basis to be only theirs:

1. Bunking your school, college, office for that one very special. To enjoy the ecstasy of every single minute.

2. Missing your flight, just to hug your beloved for the one more last time.

3. Lying to your parents about your stay with your beloved one.

4. Selling out your old phone to gift a new one to your beloved one.

5. Waiting for hours downstairs with a bunch of flowers, which start dropping in the long wait of your only yours.

6. Stealing money out of your parent's wallet to present that small token of love.

7. Strolling the shops for hours to get the best attire or fancy accessories.

8. Borrowing money from friends to pour your heart out in the best possible way.

9. Eating less, to let your beloved ones enjoy the delicious meal.

10. Fighting with those who you never had enmity with just to make the loved one strong.

11. Traveling long hours just to traverse the distances between you and your loved ones.

12. Wishing happy birthday to the loved ones on radio, kind of brings a beautiful feeling.

13. Trying to convince them even when you know they are wrong.

14. When somehow you are astray and you meet them, you see that love has not reduced an inch.

15. Sitting by their sides for hours when they are sick.

16. Slapping them for being negative and loosing hopes.

17. Holding them tight to never let them fall.

18. Not celebrating any happiness without them.

19. Every break or holiday is incomplete without them.

20. Lastly, that one big tight embrace of theirs which can never be defined in words.


I pray to be only yours
To be only yours

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