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Which of the Witches?--- Witchery Continued.

Which of Witches?
Humans!! wake up because its your witchery time. Wanna know more about your powers? Lets break in your secret powers and identify which kind of witch are you? Gender no bar! Male or Female everyone has the right to be a witch in disguise.

Green Witch

No! It's not the magic potion which you created some 100 years back, which makes you green. We know green helps you hiding the best in forest. But that's because you are close to MOTHER NATURE. You can work nature's energies in both constructive and destructive ways. Watch out! Tsunami and earthquakes are your powers, focused in destructive way. He or She can sense most strongly in nature. Oak Trees and Lakes are your favorite picnic destinations as you use these resources in your rites and rituals. You are not lone. You have cousins. Wanna know who? Floral Witches and Herbal Witches. Floral Witches use flowers for their magic practices, while the Herbal Witches use herbs to withhold their power. All the nature lovers fall under this category.


A Hedge Witch with a Hedge Rider

Next time you find your friend lost without any information, he/she is a witch, a Hedge Witch. These witches communicate with spirit realms. Midwife or a power-healer, these witches are vehemently indulgent in delivering spiritual practices. The name edge was inherited from the boundaries of the villages. So, the Hedge witches are a boundary between spirit and physical reality.


Hereditary Witches

From generation to generation, this witchcraft is in your blood. No rituals and no practices, just the first cry in the lap of a witchy mother. The purest of their breeds, Hereditary witches still are blessed with choices. In case, you wanna stay a plain human being, no body shall force you for the same. So, mostly the free birds are subjected to such witch-crafts :).

The Kitchen Witches

Kitchen witches practice mindfulness. In other words, all the mothers who make homes, a sacred place to live in constructing practical and mundane tasks everyday, are Kitchen Witches. It's just that the name is a little bit tricky which confines to cooking some magic inside the kitchen, which is inappropriate here. Rituals, ceremonies and magic is a daily practice in the world of Kitchen Witches. So, next time you are caught eating chocolates, comprehend it as your mother's witchery magic.


A secular Witch

Crystal, Herbs and Stones are their favorite tools to energize their powers. Don't confuse them with spiritual witches. They have no connect to God and are devilish in nature. Her/His source of energies are natural world and earth and they sniff their targets from very distance. Beware! She/ He might be behind you. Goosebumps!!!!


A Shaman Witch

Wanna play with Ouija Board? I guess, contacting a Shaman Witch would be a better conduit. They are powerless in their natural state but when they attain trance using certain shamanistic practices, the real magic begins. In the trance state, they connect to the realm of the world of dead. Both the benevolent and malevolent kinds can be contacted. Message channelizing, healing and performing divination are their expertise. Did you find anyone so unusual?


A Solitary Witch

They are loners and love to stay in their cocoons imbibing the knowledge of magic with increased age. At puberty, they are the best at their magics. No sects and no communities raise them. They experiment and experience on their own. So, humans who hate being intervened in their lives are definitely solitary witches. Mystery solved!!! :)

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Debasish Das
Debasish Das
Jun 09, 2018

The narrative style of short paragraphs devoted to separate subjects makes it a rivetting reading experience. The amount of research that must have gone into it, coupled with the flowy sentences, makes one an addict of the writing style. Keep it up.


Rahul Gaur
Rahul Gaur
Jun 09, 2018

Nice closure to part one and very different and intriguing read.

Never had I ever thought for being interested in witchcraft before.


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