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“TO-DO’s in Data Science”

It is a million-dollar saying that “changes are inevitable”. Well, if you are thinking, what has a change to do with a scientific term like “Data Science”? I might take you by surprise.

From Stone age to bronze, bronze age to iron age, iron age to the age of information, from the age of information to the age of digital information and finally from the age of handy digital information to the age of data science. Isn’t it?

So, before delving into the ocean of intriguing areas of data science, let’s do some groundwork. The Facebook privacy breach, trending chart buster of 2018, could also be one of the research fields too. Well! that was just a hoax. We have everything today, like huge data, plethora of algorithms and technological methodologies. We just need to focus on the most lucrative methods of generating business values in utmost productive ways. After all, most of the recommendations on product front are results of data mining only. The most popular “Netflix” and “Amazon” are the leading players of data product today. Data Science can be leveraged on an outspread scale. Be it testing or technical deployment in the production system or developing algorithms, testing and refining them. Even the national security and data sciences are two interdisciplinary paradigms. One of the forecasts says that polyglot data Scientists will be in huge demand in the intelligence wing of almost every nation, just to scrutinize the data in foreign languages. So! Folks it’s time to raise toasts to Data Sciences for playing a plenary role in the national security.

Ideally! There are innumerable areas of research under the banner of Data Sciences. Here are some very riveting and engaging research areas. Have an insight.

  1. You will be amazed to know that turbo changes have been taking place in our forecast departments. From the labyrinth of weather forecast, we are speed-walking towards Nature forecast. Data Science has paved a bridleway to “Ecological Forecasting”. Amazing! Isn’t it? Admonitions like Algal Bloom, pest outbreaks, red tides, wild fires, natural disasters and much more can improve upon the agriculture, aqua-culture as well as forestry. A silver lining for all the ecology lovers to live the future.

  2. It is anticipated that we all are “going and landing on cloud” by 2020. All the “enchantments” and “cravings” can be left behind on earth, coz up there on cloud we all are free. We don’t need to login into VPNs’ even, the landing is that safe. Best part is that the prediction analytics also is surging with this major shift of grandeur. The mutation from data to action, keeps this area as a traction for aspiring data miners.

  3. We know how to keep our safes and homes secure. But do we know, how to keep our data secure? If no, this area could have lot in store for you. We are very familiar with the “I am not Robot, Captcha” on most of the websites. Does it ring a bell on what is the purpose of such gateways? Well, the answer to this is that with the advent of time, the emergency threats are rising. Therefore, AI conservational interfaces are being utilized for any assistance on automation.

  4. Data Science is proving to be a boon to all the physically impaired people. Development of portable devices for the people who can’t hear or see is one of the major attractions. Deep learning is the technology behind the scenes. The day is not far when besides spell-check, we will also have photo-check and auto-correction in real time photos.

  5. Scrambling through the mobile data in order to develop a real-time alarm system, which can trigger notifications about the fast-spreading disease and increasing global problems.

  6. Now this can also lead to the optimization of the revenues generated through the mobile apps. Don’t scratch your head now.

  7. Ever thought of predictive modelling without a model. What do you say? Is it possible? Indeed, it is. Mathematical optimizations and simulations are the primary tools for prediction. Do you want to give it a try??

  8. As much as you can think, today Data Science is some bacteria in our lives. It’s multiplying with uncontrollable speed. From automated generation of contents to strengthening a case in the court of law. From the detection of plagiarism to the audits on tax payers. From the improvised agricultural methods to urbanization, Data Science is a burning blaze.

  9. Monitoring the growth of the analytics of the apps and APIs’ on the browsers of your mobile phone anywhere or anytime, doesn’t restrict the scope of Data Sciences. So, what are you waiting for?

  10. Data Plumbing comes to be a subset of Data Sciences, contributing immensely in organizing a smooth, reliable, fast and safe data with a touch of load balancing, data storage and data compression. Jumbled up and Do you aspire to be a data plumber now?

The scope is huge and the quest for improvisation will never come to rest. In last 20 years the world has turned upside down and now it’s time to accept the challenge and make up for all our mistakes by taking corrective and preventive measures. Data Science is today a skilled doctor and the world is its clinic.

Data Science

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