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Today "Bramha", the creator, is just 50 years old.

Know more about Bramha.

Hi folks! How are you doing today in the heat of the moment? Don't worry, I am not dragging you into the religious stuffs. Today's topic is relatively different. Different as in, we are talking about the timelines, we are living in. Bramha, the less prayed God in the Hindu custom, seemed to be the creator of all of us. Still we value him less. Varsity of stories fluttering around in the Hinduism, yet who cares. We are all busy either watching Netflix, Amazon prime or a road-side rage. Who got time for such weirdo philosophy? Ain't it? But let's present it as cool as having a Vodka Shot. Gulp it all at once and feel the heat from the oesophagus right down to pleasure poultry.

Bramha is one person on this earth, sorry one entity would be a more appropriate word, because he got more powers compared to a human being. But unfortunately he too has to die. And that's one reason why we don't pray him as God. Otherwise, if you abide by the Bollywood rules, you usually pray your lovers and abandon those whom you should actually pray. Party Jokes apart, this superbly over-human entity, has a sluggish time zone. Like in a rabbit-tortoise story, the tortoise wins. So, do the Bramha. To add to your creakingly high and extra mile brain lubricant, fourth (4th) Bramha is in the ruling power. The mathematical equation which is apt on Bramha's lifetime is:

1 life of Bramha = 1000000 Human lives.

So, all the office goers can practically compare Bramha to their Managers and feel his power as:

1 day salary of Manager = 10000 days salary of "xyz" employee.

The creator is a question himself, because only the mystery of creation is solved and not the mystery of control. It is proven that Bramha is the creator, the written records and scriptures are the in-house proves. But still the Veto power lies in some one else's hand, i.e., Adi-shakti (Lord Shiva). These aren't some blatant lies, but some serious shit we can really ponder upon.

The concept of "one life" is popular amongst the youth, and have also been a subject of great inspiration for most of the swag-full popular songs. That is what makes Bramha, a powerful govt. in the center of the universe. The "one life" makes people more realistic on their cravings, which ultimately leads to more suffering. More suffering leads to more craving and this recursive cycle is on repeat, which gives Bramha a chance to give you another chance to fulfill your cravings. The clever God-created supreme, knows how to trick and hypnotize the world and stay in power for centuries to come. It is rightly said, "A slave finds it much easy to find a master, rather than a master searching for slaves."

The human beings are the power-house of the mighty creation, Bramha. As long as we manage to sustain the self-created brutalities of nature, Bramha has his duties to fulfill.

I wonder does Bramha think the same way, "One Life"!

And who knows, we soon challenge Bramha and sell him the technology of creating sustainable human bodies. But sadly, by that time I won't even remember, that I was the one who gave the idea of business deals with Bramha too, which is purely a make in India initiative. :)

Disclaimer: The figures used in the article are mere approximations, please don't try to relate with the actual figures. They are just used to build an easy understanding on the almighty's hierarchy.

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