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"World Water Day" or "World Day Zero" The choice is ours........

Lurking in the grounds, tress and the atmosphere,

The splash, slosh, gurgle music has vanished clear.

The journey of conservation commenced with water in cities,

Taps running dry, sheer crisis, drowned in the world of self pity.

Agricultural lands are poisoned by several industrial processing unit,

Decreased rain lash and sewage slush are making the worst of it.

The low dam water level are worrying the farmers across the country,

Turning every hill-locks to a plain where doesn't stands one-single tree.

Think about it, we just have 2.5% of earth's total water left to drink,

Alas! 70% of earth's water is salty, frozen and unfit, safe in it's brink.

Water connect lands, every aspect of life and health essential,

Access to safe water is the remedy to turn problems into potential.

Our careless deeds are pushing us to the start of active water ration,

DAY ZERO, the future, quenching the thirst of smallest to largest nation.

Are we monsters, preparing to doom the innocent upcoming generation?

Or preparing to heal the WATER threat in the heart of the land of creation.

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