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5 minutes is all I need-- Chapter 1

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

These days we are so engrossed with regular stuff, that time commitment has lost it's importance altogether. 5 minutes of your life, not a significant proportion of your dawn-to-dark, yet feels like 5 minutes can do miracles in life. 5 minutes can give you all the time to reach home in order to skip your parents late night rebukes. 5 minutes can save your life, once your manager asks you to deliver a presentation. 5 minutes can serve you finishing up an answer which could get you good grades in examination. So, 5 minutes seems to very pivotal when we look around.

I got to understand a different perspective of 5 minutes in today's hassle and deadpan world. 5 minutes a girl can spare for someone she barely knows and have no scope of putting up with that person in the near future. Quite bewildering but true. Inspired by the true story of Veera and Taru.(names changed in order to conceal the identity.)

They always crossed paths, but had no connect,

This is the story of Taru and Veera, sure to deflect.

It is no love story, it ain't a pipe-dream tale,

It has sweet memories that would never go stale.

Introducing Taru as the male protagonist,

While, Veera is a sober and simple pacifist.

They met at one of the office events accidentally,

Though from very diverse backgrounds fundamentally.

The anecdote started with an introductory nod,

When Taru realized, Veera is an interesting sod.

He expressed his admiration, offering her a home-drop.

Talks started with a short drive and ended in a coffee shop

The first meeting laid the foundation of the second,

Time paved way for Taru and Veera's more often check-in.

They do cross paths now, but with bright eyes and smiling faces,

Bridging the professional gaps and filling the empty spaces.

Veera heedlessly continued with her daily routine and assignment,

But these periodic wagging were murdering Taru in solitary confinement.

When one early morning, Taru tries blocking her way with a smile,

Making her realize that her inner beauty can never be defiled.

Veera took a pause and replied generously the work is on toll,

A coffee or a meeting can only be decided in a 5 minutes poll.

Taru's happiness knew no bounds and he started grinning,

A wait for 5 minutes made him sound as happy as winning.

Unaware and unacquainted with the gravity of those 5 minutes,

Veera walked-in and walked-out sensibly watching her limits.

Taru, senior to Veera, quite an age-difference, longing for her time,

Persuading her manager to allow him to spend on her, his every dime.

Finally the day arrived, when Veera agreed on to spend the time,

Taru and Veera in those 5 minutes had talks that were extremely prime.

The urge of meeting her increased after the second meet,

Taru would keep her staring from his great judgement seat.

He wants to dig deep and know about her, understanding and exploring her,

He desires of having her beside him forever as he has lot to confer.

Veera is an independent girl, smart, beautiful and talented enough,

Ambitious and follows her dreams, for her love seems very tough.

Finally on the way back home, he saw her strolling,

Offered her a drive with love that eternally kept him rolling.

Seizing his moment he said those three magical words,

Veera, shocked and outraged, gave him tough looks like nerds.

There was a pause in the ambience, heart-beats were crystal clear,

You are married, how could you?, she made a robust pap smear.


To be continued.... The next part would be more exciting and promising.

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Unknown member
Mar 10, 2018

Worth waiting for the part 2....


Vrinda Singh Chauhan
Vrinda Singh Chauhan
Mar 10, 2018

This has long way to go.....

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