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5 minutes is all I need-- Chapter 2

Updated: May 27, 2018

5 minutes is a tragic life of a girl who in her sheer innocence disappeared, proving that stranger, that she loved him too but in her very own special way. The only thing which needs to be apprehended here is, love here is a nectar or a poison.

Taru with teary eyes, expressed his profound love,

And Veera's white throat turned whiter than the silver dove.

Fondness, ardor and endearment is blended in the breeze,

While Veera's mind is fluttering with things left to appease.

Holding her hand tight, Taru promised of never leaving her stray,

Confound Veera perceived that his loyalty to his family was at slay.

They bid good-bye to each other that uncanny night,

Taru's love encroachment and Veera's maturity are at fight.

Life is an unpredictable gambit and love here is a far-out irony,

The question is, Will Veera, Taru and his family be at harmony?

Carefree Taru, is knitting the nexus of his new world inch by inch,

Veera is still delusional, if this new-born emotional accord is to clinch.

Another day to the office, his eyes are ardently searching of her,

Veera slowly tantalized by his impetuous passion had to defer.

The work pressure is at the peak, Veera seems really busy,

Taru is waxing into a peevish being, and at work he is dizzy.

The appetite for her 5 minutes is now turning humongous,

And the desire of possessing her is turning Taru outrageous.

Veera is mine and I won't let anyone advance close to her,

She is my soul, she is my life, Taru was in a habit to utter.

When Veera with her broad outlook used to be in deliberation with her peer,

Taru in suspicion and resentment devised ways to convict her and steer.

Yes! I am over-protective and I hate to see you with him, shouted Taru.

Veera couldn't sway her fury, questioning in aggravate tone, Who are you?

Veera consoled herself, recollecting her tranquil demeanor,

Taru cinched of his jealous mind, his heart burns with her fever.

Securing each other's chair, the duo sat on a round table,

Veera comforted Taru expounding the complete peer fable.

Things settled out eventually and the two exchanged hugs,

Veera is gently tinting in good vibes and Taru's amity drugs.

Long drives, outings and parties are collectively planned,

Taru and Veera are lost in each other, walking hand in hand.

Veera's love, trust and respect for Taru is at first-hand,

But Taru's doubts and insecurities for Veera are rising grand.

Though fights between them are still in an in-exhaustive loop,

They are sure of their affinity and meet with a blasting whoop.

Months passing by, the two are more insightful of each other,

Her beauty, talent and appealing heart is defeating Taru's pother.

Veera is teaching Taru, the magic of spreading love and happiness,

Erasing out all the hatred, bitterness vanishing miles of loneliness.

Her charm is hallucinating and her fragrance is poisonously addictive,

Taru longs for her while his family is neither restrictive nor constrictive.


To be continued. The question which disturbed me today is "What would Veera do?" The sailors of this ship are in same irksome state of mind.

Stay tuned.................

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