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A Resignation letter with a commitment of serving a never ending notice period.

Dearest Flinching love,

Trip the light fantastic and have a walk in the park, for I regret to inform you that I am resigning from my unparalleled position of "reckless bottom of your heart" with the company, "My attitude, My Life", effective life time from now on. I will be relocating to "memories of you" in the near future.

I have appreciated being part of your tears which were apt to be shed, the agitation in which we came close or parted away, the unending say and do, the acknowledgment of vows and promises, and the most sacred affection that has been provided to me during the last several years. It has been a pride, a melancholy pleasure in suffering what you can hardly conceive. I admire your self esteem and confidence. I will truly miss your lovely soul and sharing so much of yourself with me. Thank you for being the most incredible human being.

In my capacity, though it's a cliche, I shall always hope that we were "the best together". I shall traverse this crazy journey of life with a thought that we are still deep rooted as one and never had any indifferences. And trust me, I am not at all okay to traverse this journey alone, but still I respect your decision.

I have enjoyed living close to you and I thereby grant you a very special place in my heart. If there is anything I can do in your transition of my replacement, please let me know. I hope you will find someone who is so taken in a single-mingle dance with you. I am hereby sharing my email address,, in order to give myself a chance to trek and sneak on your suburban hide-outs.

Yours Sorrowfully.

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