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A Transformed Grande Dame.

Grande Dame is another word for "dignified woman". I am not talking about the dignitaries like so called Indian celebrities. It's a story of a mango woman, the struggle to identify her purpose of life. She who is something of benevolent despot. And her struggle is still on.......

Born cute, cottony soft, chubby and cherub,

This baby slowly grew up to be an street Arab.

Blue-berries and wild willows were her home,

Mountains, rivers and valleys, she used to roam.

Motion pictures was her only love,

Enacting and story-telling was all above.

Heedless of the social stratification and estate system,

She was slowly advancing to maturity and wisdom.

Suddenly, the day approached when she understood,

The devil and malicious people are strolling barefoot.

Hard to accept , it's not her but the world that has turned barbarian,

Social Stigma and anthropophobia drove her freedom to oblivion.

Battling against the injustice done to others,

Hearth and home was forging that destitute to smother.

She is boiling with revolt inside against the injustice,

When she decided to spend rest of life with the chosen in solstice.

Days passed by, but the era of her sacrifice didn't end,

To her tots, two replicas, she has only smiling face to pretend.

Father or husband, she lost faith in every chauvinism,

Colors of life were merely a mystique of blemish chromatism.

She raised the tots with only lesson she learned,

Family, love and dignity can never be spurned.

Though she suffered the most at the hands of the family,

But her devotion to bloodline is her beauty and anomaly.

She doesn't despair the lost time of her youthfulness,

The blazing question in her eyes is, "Did I deserve such ruthlessness?"

She too had tantamount dreams and potentials like any other virile,

All she is now a forged dual personality and her existence is in yellow peril.

Alas! that's the story of every other commoner. And there are million more raising voices. Will your life be substantial or you are just another willow of the same tree. Think about it???

Dedicated to all my female bloggers and blog-readers.


This blogosphere is growing big and the voices will be heard.

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